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Re: [Hammock Camping] Tarp shelters and related questions...

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  • Linda Ellis
    ... http://www.directdisposables.com/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=24&cat=Colored+Trash+Bags+%2F+Can+Liners ... Actually, Tod, I had googled, and also discovered
    Message 1 of 37 , Dec 5, 2007
      --- Tod Massa <todmassa@...> wrote:
      > Drives me crazy when folks don't use Google. ;-)
      > At $80/case of 500, it is probably overkill...but when you can always sell what you don't need
      > to others.
      > > Tod

      Actually, Tod, I had googled, and also discovered that I could only find places where I had to get
      large quantities. Since I use plastic shopping bags most of the time for my trash - and we
      generate very little non-recyclable waste, in any event - it takes forever to use up even a single
      box of the big trash can liners, so I'm going to try finding highway workers and begging some from them....

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    • Tod Massa
      Rosaleen, will do. This is a scout trip and we are not sure if we will get on the AT itself or not, and will be on the east side of the mountain. Since we are
      Message 37 of 37 , Jan 6, 2008
        Rosaleen, will do.
        This is a scout trip and we are not sure if we will get on the AT itself or not, and will be on the east side of the mountain. Since we are base camping, we will carry our own water since previous experiences dictates that is the best strategy.

        I hiked from Rockfish Gap to the Tye River in mid-October...water sources, using the term loosely, were generally 8-10 miles apart. A few weeks ago the troop did 10 miles on the AT from just before the Devils' Marbleyard to the James River despite the recent rains, there was no water until Matt's Creek, so at least and eight mile span there.



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        Please post after your Mt. Rogers trip and let us know what you find out

        about the water situation and the animals living in the area.

        I had the pleasure of hiking there last summer as part of an AT section

        hike. Much of the southern AT was experiencing a severe drought. My

        partner and I changed our plan to hike the area south of Damascus because of

        the drought (as much as 18 miles between reliable water sources, stories of

        animals going after hikers' food more aggressively than normal, and juvenile

        bears reportedly "guarding" watering holes). Prudence dictated that with

        the time, gear ready, and plenty of food, we just buy another map and

        relocate our intended section.

        After early summer, I have heard the the drought worsened. In July, locals

        had stories of the gov't taking over posession of some horses because owners

        couldn't provided food and water (animal cruelty intervention) , and farmers

        were losing huge amounts of money selling undermatured cattle early because

        of using up the feed planned for the next winter. Finally, the Mt. Rogers

        area itself was running dry. You may want to check on the streams for

        yourself before your trip, in case there has not been much precipitation

        this fall.

        While I can't atually DO anything, I would like to know how things are going

        for the local farmers and the creatures that live in the area.

        Thanks, in advance, for whatever you can tell us.


        Re: I wanted to know

        Tod Massa <todmassa@yahoo. com> wrote:


        I may try testing this set up myself on Mt Rogers in a couple of


        going to hammock anyway, and i can set up my summer hammock separately with


        similar blanket.

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