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Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: When there are no trees?

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  • tim garner
    that s an interesting observation... using the pole on top. we ve talked a lot about how great the force is on a stake (or whatever) when someone wants to use
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 7, 2007
      that's an interesting observation... using the pole on top. we've talked a lot about how great the force is on a stake (or whatever) when someone wants to use the one pole method, but doing what you're suggesting (like you said) only requires vertical strength.
      a light weight pole that would be strong, rigid, & break down into two sections would be the same pole risk uses on his hammock stand... the top pole used on a chain link fence.
      maybe a tripod of sorts for the end supports. ...tim

      aethericpower <aethericpower@...> wrote:
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "quinette7"
      > Does anyone have experience with tying hammocks to rocks or other
      > things when there are no trees about? We sometimes camp above tree
      > line or in the desert. We're still contemplating getting a Clark
      > Hammock but are concerned about how to suspend it in other than
      > situations.

      I currently have a hammock hanging in my bedroom.

      Not from any hooks in the ceiling or walls but on a metal pole that is
      resting on window ciels. Between the window ciels and the pole are
      roled up shirts to prevent the pole from roling off the sides.

      Prior to the window ciel configuration I used two sets of stools.

      So long as the pole has two stable stands to press down, maybe
      something you could take with you, haven't quite figures out what
      would fit the bill, the configuration will work.

      The knots I use play a major role. I previous had problems with ropes
      slipping inward and letting me sit on the floor. I believe the knot I
      am using is called a cats paw. It is a clove hitch with an inner loop.
      This makes the inward pulling stopped by the outer loop. Both sides of
      my rope from the cats paw I make clove hitches to tie onto a bedsheet

      The pole dose not have to be metal. Wood or PVC should work but I have
      not tried those out yet.

      Again I am trying to figure out an every day and or inexpensive light
      weight portable item I could use for the wieght baring stands.

      My other thought is purchasing a hammock stand such as the Spartan.


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