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Second H/camping all-nighter

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  • Sandy Kramer
    Last year, I had a delightful sleep in my Byer s of Maine Mosquito Traveler hammock on a Peace River (FL) overnighter. This past weekend, I went with the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2007
      Last year, I had a delightful sleep in my Byer's of Maine Mosquito
      Traveler hammock on a Peace River (FL) overnighter.

      This past weekend, I went with the Sierra Club on a mini-backpacking
      trip. I can't believe how rested I was by the next morning. And no
      arthritis pain when I got up.

      First I went to read at about 5:30P and ended up snoozing (I kept
      waking up and zonking out again) til 7:30P.

      After dinner, a night hike, and some after dinner refreshments (I will
      never drink beer at night while camping again! Can't pee in a hammock!)
      I was back swinging at about 11 PM

      Woke up at 5A and 8A (see above) and then slept until 9:30 am. This is
      unbelievable for someone who is rarely in bed after 7A.

      A few comments:

      I'm trying to get my pack weight smaller and lighter but my North Face
      down sleeping bag (didn't want to take the FF/Rock Wren cos it doesn't
      open out and weather was not expected to be cooler than 60 degs) half-
      filled the Keeva Designs pack I used. With the hammock and some
      clothes, there was not much room left for food - certainly not for a
      longer trip.

      Last year I had to return the Mariposa and Uberlight (??) Gossamer Gear
      packs because they were to big for a 5'0" female. Grant said they
      should have the Miniposa (pack same size as Mariposa, but frame/straps
      adjusted for shorter people) available in 4 - 6 weeks.


      I took the newly arrived (it was on backorder) 12 x 12 tarp I got from
      Sportsman's guide. hmmmmm it didn't look 12' when i placed it on a
      ridgeline. The sides extended a lot, though.

      No perfect trees in the vicinity, so I used two Rainbow poles I bought
      from Tarptent, plus a log, a bush, and about 4 titanium stakes. Don't
      think that would have fared very well in a brisk wind.

      Then I realized that, had it rained, I would have probably gotten
      soaked as I didn't have any tails to prevent the water from pouring
      down the lines. I'll have to dig out Ed's book to see what I need to
      put. (Or someone can refresh my memory :)

      I also took a 5 x 7 (I think) 3-mil blue tarp ($1.99 from Northern
      Tools) as a rug/carpet and keep-my-gear clean ground cover. (I shoved
      both tarps in the external pocket)

      While having the late afternoon siesta my undersides were feeling a bit
      chilly. At night I used a 2/3 Z-rest pad and the down bag, so that was

      Anyone care to discuss pack sizes and weights? Just for, say, spring
      to fall backpacking temps.

      I started to make Ray Jardine's tarp, but put it down cos I had trouble
      trying to work out how to sew the beaks. Will need to tackle that.

      sandy in miami
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