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Re: [Hammock Camping] Parachute fabric

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  • Keith YOung
    Hi, Doug, I used to be a scout, in the long-ago-and-far-away. Very long ago. Hammocks weren t even a fantasy when I did it with WWII-surplus pup-tents and 40
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 5, 2007
      Hi, Doug,

      I used to be a scout, in the long-ago-and-far-away. Very long ago. Hammocks weren't even a fantasy when I did it with WWII-surplus pup-tents and 40 lb. packs, carrying everything but the kitchen sink. The scoutmaster's always stuck the big guy with the troop's asthamatic ... whoop, gasp, spray, choke, all night long.

      I currently have a TreckLight hammock, strung with motorcycle tie-down webbing (675 lb. test), and put up in my spare bedroom with eye-screws (too damn cold outside, here). I need a strong set-up, being 64 y/o, 280 lbs. and 6' 8".

      I'm currently working on a prototype lightweight, pack-portable hammock stand, which is just in the version 4.0 "thought-experiment" stage. Contact me by e-mail, and perhaps we can share ideas.

      I'm not a hiker, but, instead, a motor-scooter rider--mostly a tourer--who wants to stay outside sometimes, during warmer weather ... but still interested in leave-no-trace, lightweight thinking.

      I'm retired, want to stay that way, and really don't want to even think about doing this as a small business--trade secrets, etc.--been there, done that!

      Doug Wachs <3scouters@...> wrote:
      Hi Folks, I’m not good at this mail group thing – can’t keep up. But Ed
      knows I’ve been on this group almost as long as it’s been here. You folks
      are wonderful and I’ve loved the discussions. I spent 9 months in a net
      ‘pocket hammock’ slung from my book shelf in college in the early 80’s and
      laughed at the guys on the ground in the torrents in the Smokies. I say all
      that so you know I’m family – even if I’m no good with e-mail. But I had to
      respond to Patti’s question because I’ve done what a lot of you say don’t
      do – for a long time- but I’m very conservative and was still ‘testing’. My
      thought is, after 80 or so nights in the woods, yes you can sleep in single
      layer 1.1 oz. DWR nylon safely. However, as one of my scouts found out,
      there is no room for carelessness. I had a 6’ tall youth who weighs about
      180# who grazed his rear on a fairly smooth rock while gently rocking in his
      hammock and it ripped right out from under him, almost instantly. Like
      someone said- it hurt his pride and he was on the ground the rest of the
      trip (oh the horror ;-) ! I’d say if you weigh an ounce over 180# or if you
      are careless with your heels, keys, twigs, rocks etc. then two layers, or
      heavier material, is safer. If I weighed 300# then I’d try heavy cordura
      nylon that had made a few trips in the washing machine with a pair of tennis
      shoes to soften it. As for ripping at the ends, I’ve never had that happen
      so I can’t help there – I do always roll hem my edges.

      I’ve now made over 15 hammock/tarp combinations in the last 6 years and love
      all the ideas gleaned from this group –Risk is my hero for daring to write
      it down- I look forward to reading his new book and Ed Speer’s book is great
      as well. I’m still trying to come up with a portable freestanding hammock
      stand so I can sleep out in a field with the scouts (I tie between the truck
      and a fencepost). I gather my ends with a poly drawstring and whip the
      looped straps over them with thin poly twine to save the weight of
      knots -still ‘testing’ but holding fine for many, many nights.

      Thanks – Doug ‘Scouter’ from Nicholasville, KY

      parachute fabric

      Posted by: "quiltpatti" quiltbinder@...
      quiltpatti <http://profiles.yahoo.com/quiltpatti>

      Sun Feb 4, 2007 9:25 pm (PST)

      So does anyone know if the 1.1 oz per yard fabric will be strong
      enough for use as a hammock?

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      Keith Young, Ph.D. (retired)
      Philadelphia, PA
      Riding a 2004 Suzuki Burgman 650
      named The DEMON DUCK of DOOM
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