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RE: [SPAM] [Hammock Camping] New all over again

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  • Ed Speer
    Welcome Mark, glad to hear about your hammock trip in 76. I came up with the same idea of putting a sleeping bag on the outside of the hammock to prevent
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      Welcome Mark, glad to hear about your hammock trip in '76. I came up with
      the same idea of putting a sleeping bag on the outside of the hammock to
      prevent compressing the insulation-it's the basis of my PeaPod design. It
      really does make a lot of sense. Of course, if you hang out with the folks
      on this List, you'll find lots of other great ideas for hammocking. The
      phenomenon is growing in popularity now that some great gear is available on
      the market. And many folks on this List make their own gear as well. I
      think you'll find a good home here..Ed

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      Subject: [SPAM] [Hammock Camping] New all over again

      Hi> I'm new to the forum and relatively inexperienced to hammock
      camping.....funny how a tent feels "safer" than hanging in the air.
      Thin nylon walls offer little real security.....what you can't see
      can't see/harm you?
      My first hammock camping experience was in 1976. Going to school
      and CU, Boulder Colorado. We hitchhiked up Eldora Canyon to ski and
      spent the night out, skied the next day, camped out, hitchhiked back
      to campus. It got down to 40 below according to the radio the next
      day. I had just bought my nice down bag rated to 35 below and I had a
      net hammock, cheap single type. I placed the bag on the outside of
      the hammock to avoid compression of insulation. The foot end of the
      bag cinched around the hammock using the bottom of the double zipper
      as one would think but of course my head was exposed somewhat as the
      head of the bag couldn't cover my head very well. Kinda but not fully
      as that end of the hammock narrowed down greatly. I had two wool hats
      on and scrunched down in the bag. Cold and uncomfortable and probably
      somewhat dangerous perhaps but not horribly cold and I'm sure the good
      fit, excellent bag, and uncompressed down made the difference. My
      friend slept under me on a huge open cell foam pad and was cold.
      I thought I was pretty clever about the bag on the outside
      considering it was 30 years ago!
      Since then I lived mostly in Wyoming (24 years), the Tetons
      specifically, and Grizzly Central! Somehow the tent felt safer much
      of the time but I did do Some hammock camping.
      Now I'm in Oregon and more likely to hammock camp again. I have a
      newer style hammock..... sleep somewhat slanted. Not a Hennesey or
      tent/hammock so a tarp is necessary. I do have a good bivy bag too.
      I have a Moss heptawing or whichever particular model it is (as there
      are a few) and thinking that may work but still have to try it out.
      Maybe too many stakeouts involved. Anyway, I joined up to learn and
      share ideas! Drop me a line if you wish. I'm 48 and live between the
      ocean and the cascades and looking forward to getting out again.

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