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RE: [Hammock Camping] No trees

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  • Carey Parks
    It s going to have to be a really big rock, or a three foot piece of rebar driven into the asphalt. Check Yougbloods force calculation spreadsheet at in the
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 25, 2006
      It's going to have to be a really big rock, or a three foot piece of rebar
      driven into the asphalt. Check Yougbloods force calculation spreadsheet at
      in the files section at:


      It will tell you how much force it will have to take. It's more than most
      people think (or is that hope?)

      Also study up and practice hanging it from one fixed pole and one free pole.
      All you need is a good anchor on the line at the ground on the free pole
      end. I could imagine this working if you have a sissy bar that can hold the
      "fixed" end (maybe the bar just holds the line up and you anchor the the
      head?) and you could tie the rope of the free end to a bush at ground level
      so you are using the root system more than the trunk etc. But you'll have to
      be aware of the forces and angles lest you and the bike both go plop. Check
      Risk's rig of a one-ended hang at:


      It's there someplace.



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      I'm a 64 y/o guy, 6' 8" gtall and about 280 lbs, riding a Suzuki
      Burgman 650 'motor scooter.' I just bought a hammock, for potential
      use on some planned trips I want to take next year (spring, summer,
      fall) in PA, NJ and nearby states. Lots of trees around.

      However, I've lived in New Mexico and West Texas, and there are
      long, lonely stretches of flat, treeless (even rockless) country
      there. Ditto Nevada, Utah, South Dakota, etc.

      I'm experimenting with a set of collapsible poles of PVC pipe, just
      high enough to support the hammock lines, so my butt will be about
      3" off the ground. Plan on keeping the poles on the surface with a
      crushed beer/soda can under each. Leading the hammock lines around
      the pole a couple of times, then over the pole, and down to a heavy
      rock or a well-driven-stake. Then running a light line at 90 deg.
      angle across the poles, to other rocks or stakes, to make the pole
      stable in a 4-point tie.

      Will this likely work, or am I blowing smoke out my ass? What else
      might I want to do, or do differently? I have seen a photo from
      Europe, with someone who tied one hammock line around his
      handlebars, and the other to an iron fence (his butt was just off
      the ground).

      And, to be sure, I like motels, too. I just want to keep my
      overnight options open. I remember waking up in one place, and
      looking down, to see the roachs on the floor ... who appeared big
      enought to saddle and ride. Then I smelled the sheets, which had a
      distinct odor of dried jism. At that point, I would have preferred
      the open West Texas desert, in and among the Mesquite bushes.

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