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Re: sleeping setup for section hike

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  • jonas4321
    Jeff- I have the 70 inch girth Stephenson s DAM (the one Youngblood has), and I did some testing with it before I spent a few nights in the Adirondacks last
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 22, 2006

      I have the 70 inch girth Stephenson's DAM (the one Youngblood has),
      and I did some testing with it before I spent a few nights in the
      Adirondacks last winter.

      I agree that using it inside the hammock makes you ride noticeably
      higher in the hammock (mine is a ZHammock, a double-bottom
      Speer-type), but I am careful and had no problems with tipping.

      I made my own version of a pad extender with wings (see the pics under
      Jonas4321 in the Photos section). It has 3 wings along each side, and
      I used a thin 1/4 inch CCF pad underneath the DAM. The wings were 3/8
      inch CCF.

      This whole setup is pretty heavy (I used some nylon supplex fabric I
      had lying around to make the pad extender - if I did it all over
      again, I would use some 1.1oz/yd ripstop nylon), so I am rethinking my

      This configuration, with me inside a fleece bag inside of a 25 degree
      synthetic bag, was warm and comfy at -1 degrees F inside a detached
      garage, and plenty warm at 10 degrees F in a fairly breezy night last
      winter in the Adirondacks. I was too warm on the previous night
      outdoors at 30 degrees - I had to open up the sleeping bags.

      My current plans are to ditch the pad extender and go with two
      interlocked CCF pads between the bottom layers of my ZHammock, with
      the DAM inside the hammock with me. I am also making what I term a
      spindrift tube (others refer to it as a hammock sock), which will be
      of 1.1oz uncoated ripstop with drawstrings at each end. While I don't
      know how much extra insulation this tube will provide, it's really to
      keep the blowing snow off my sleeping bag, which happened last year.
      Unless Santa is very good to me, the sleeping bags will be the same
      ones as last year.

      I found some VERY lightweight 3/8 inch CCF pads made by Swiss Army at
      K-Mart. I am going to put some slits along one of the long sides of
      each of them and then interlock the two to create a wider pad (I saw
      that on a post somewhere and it looked like a great idea). These pads
      are sort of tacky feeling, so maybe they will just be inside the
      hammock with me and the DAM, I don't know yet if they will stay put or
      not. These will replace the pad extender, 1/4 inch CCF pad and wings.

      I like the idea of the DAM and the CCF pads, because while it is bulky
      and the DAM is a chore to inflate, it is lightweight and I can use
      both to go to ground if needed. It is also a lot of lofted and
      closed-cell insulation underneath me.

      Good luck, and test your gear out!

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