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Re: Lurker comes out of hiding with a question

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  • mrbyer
    I believe these are made in China and not of the highest quality. I have one of the smaller ones and it is as advertised. There aren t any good places to tie
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 14, 2006
      I believe these are made in China and not of the highest quality. I
      have one of the smaller ones and it is as advertised. There aren't
      any good places to tie anything or really attach, so that is a
      downside as well. But for the price, it is a good bag. Even with the
      low quality, for the price I would get another when it wears out.

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      <beamarshall@...> wrote:
      > Hi, Guys! Finally I have something to contribute (maybe)..
      > I just won an auction on eBay; hiking bag- 3200 cubic inches, for
      only 20 oz in weight (!!)according to the ad text. have paid and it
      should arrive soon- seller is not far from me.
      > Appears to have many other similar bags, checking their "Other
      auctions" here is one if you want to check -- #290062190218 -just
      put the number in the search box.
      > now I need to know- what is the best way to verify the cubic
      capacity? I have a good supply of the plastic packing 'peanuts'-
      just stuff them into the bag, and then pour it back into a box of
      known capacity? I'm interested in checking this closely because the
      listed dimensions are 23x12x10 inches; which does not come out
      anywhere near 3200- more like 2760, and that is if all space is
      available. but there may be pockets or extension collars the text
      omits describing?
      > For my intro- camped off and on in my early days- a few sierra
      club trips in college, now returning after too many years away-
      looking for the best trade off between comfort and weight. My
      hammock inventory- bought two, made one, others in the planning
      stages (Mille grazie to Risk and Ed!!)
      > I might be able to honestly claim "I was light weight before light
      weight was cool"- 1980's sierra designs clip flashligh and "Yak-pak"
      the first unframed back pack- anybody else remember those? I used it
      again last month on a trip to Supai canyon and a couple of guides
      were curious about it. Also took a hammock along but no where to
      hang near our assigned camp (sob) the ground is so much harder thse
      > Want to thanks all here for great info and much information-
      freely given and gratefully received;
      > Hugs, Betsy (no trail name yet...)
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