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Re: I need help!!

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  • Rick
    Kim, Dittos to all the below. Though I am willing to do some rather crazy testing, going out in lightning for the fun of it is not part of my schedule for the
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 2, 2003

      Dittos to all the below.

      Though I am willing to do some rather crazy testing, going out in
      lightning for the fun of it is not part of my schedule for the
      forseeable future.

      However, the scientist in me would propose the following list to
      directly answer your question:

      - crush injury (including brain)
      - perforation of body organ
      - electrocution
      - large burns
      - nomination for the Darwin Award

      Would I rather be in a hammock during an electrical storm than on the
      ground? You betcha! If those are the only two choices, I'd rather
      be lying under my quilt, with my eyes shut, when the lightning
      strikes. It might offer protection from the electrical pulse in the
      ground from a nearby strike. If a direct strike, why not be lying
      down peacefully and relaxed, instead of crouching like a ball,
      standing on my now soaked sleeping pad? I figure a direct strike
      will cause an almost immediate meeting our maker regardless.

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Ed Speer" <info@s...> wrote:
      > Kim, this is an excellent question--unfortunately I've never been
      > willing to personally test the possibilities! Obviously anyone
      close to
      > a tree being struck by lighting is likely to get seriously hurt or
      > killed. I don't know of an actual case of a hammock user being
      hit, but
      > I can't imagine it turning out well. Although the scientist in me
      > to argure that a hammock user would be safely isolated from the
      > conductive tree or ground by the poor-conductive hanging
      > and the nylon fabric, I do know that the electrical strike often
      arcs or
      > jumps from the tree to the much-more conductive ground. This
      > the usual splittng of the tree and often the explosive fragmenting
      > the tree which sends deadly slivers and splinters of the tree in all
      > directions. Anyone unfortunate enought to be nearby, including a
      > hammock user, can get seriously hurt. Of course, large falling
      > or trees might also be deadly.
      > In addition anyone caught within the zone of arc between the tree
      > the ground when the charge jumps is likely to suffer deadly
      > electricution (same phenomenon that can happen when lightening
      strikes a
      > rock shelter or overhang--anyone inside can get fried). This all
      > me very wary of electrical stroms--thus I try to avoid exposed or
      > ground when choosing hammock sites when stroms are expected...Ed
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      > <<Keep going out in different conditions... But be careful of the
      > lightening storms! >>
      > What are the dangers of lightning while in a hammock tied between 2
      > trees?
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