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Re: [Hammock Camping] Newbie's Frustraition!!.....lol

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  • Brian Neeley
    Frank wrote: Hello all im new to the group and to hammock camping. I have slept in ... I ve camped in one
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 19, 2006
      Frank <kb1hzm@...> wrote: > Hello all im new to the group and to hammock camping. I have slept in
      > hammocks before (just the net type ones). But now im looking to buy a
      > camping one for me.

      I've camped in one of those before. Look in the photos in the 'Brian Neeley's gear' folder. No bug net and not a single bug bite (This was also at the peak of the cicidas during the 17 year cycle).

      > My frustraition is that i cant seem to decide on one to get. I am more of
      > a side and belly sleeper than a back sleeper.

      I sleep on my stomach at home in bed. I sleep strictly on my back in a hammock. You may too.

      > Ive looked at the Speers, Hennessys, and Also the DD hammocks. right now
      > im leaning toward the Hennessy Expedition Asym. but im not sure on the
      > entry method if i like it or not. So any help or suggestions will be greatly
      > apprieciated.
      That's the hammock I finally got. I can't comment on any of the others, but I do love my Hennessy. I can't say much on 4 season camping either. I know you can be froze out of a hammock if you don't have proper insulation. If I could afford it, I would buy a Jacks R Better (no experience with any underquilts, but they (JRB) do seem to have a quality product, and some on this list swear by them).
      Just my $.02
      Brian Dale Neeley


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