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Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Anyone know anything about Byer® Traveller Hammock?

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  • Tom Blum
    I was wrong. The review was for the single. Here s the site http://www.travelgearblog.com/archive/hammock-bliss-travel-hammock-review.html I d still get the
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 9, 2006
      I was wrong. The review was for the single. Here's the site

      I'd still get the double if comfort is important.


      gordon_human wrote:
      > > For camping, many are concerned about the cords becoming tangled if
      > > you take it up and down a lot. They are probably right. I can see big
      > > problems it they ever get mixed up and tangled.
      > I can probably solve that one - I have the same problem with a string
      > hammock but simply insert a stick and twist them up into a rope......
      > > The cords or the hammock stretch during the night enough that you can
      > > bottom out it you don't hang it quite high. My mosquito stretches
      > > unevenly, but I "think" that is due to the zipper on one side only.
      > > When stretched unevenly, it is hard to get comfortable.
      > Can they not be pre-stretched before use? Do you know what kind of
      > cord they use?
      > I was also thinking to get a double rather than a single hammock, of
      > whatever brand. Any comments?
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