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  • CC Wayah
    I bought three at Wall Mart a few years ago. Could not find microfiber fabric in the stores. I took them apart and made a down blanket big enough to use in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2006
      I bought three at Wall Mart a few years ago.
      Could not find microfiber fabric in the stores.
      I took them apart and made a down blanket big enough to use in the hammock
      and on the top
      of my queen sized bed. I sewed one layer with microfiber pieced to fit the
      bed and the top layer of 1.1 nylon so I have a soft layer against my skin.

      I believe my husband would take this just for himself if he could get
      away with doing this. It was a very messy project saving the down out of the
      throws. The throws cost me 8 dollars a piece after xmass so they could get
      rid what was left. The down is not 800 down fill but is adequate for cool
      not cold weather outside in my hammock and so comfy indoor or out.

      To make one more like a sleeping bag I;I'd make the bottom of the bag both
      inside and other layers out of nylon so moving/Turing about is less friction
      and the inside top of the microfiber. I;d fill it with Ed spars 900 down if
      I were to do this project from scratch.
      One big drawback is that I am a restless sleeper so the whole bag may turn
      around me as I twist.


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      > I have a Feathered Friends 800+ fill bag, so it wouldn't be sole
      > source of warmnth, but I'm not sure if I should throw the throw :) in
      > the hammock and climb in or attempt to attach it with binder clips
      > around the outside.
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      > >
      > >>
      > > I have two of this type of down throw--50"x58", same size as
      > listed, > and one may have actually come from Sierra Trading. One
      > has a
      > > brushed microfiber top and nylon back, the other has a cotton
      > > shell. Both are way too short (for me-5'10") to sleep under as a
      > > sole blanket, but work great to curl up under on the bed or couch.
      > > We also have a full sized (as in full/queen bed sized)
      > > down "blanket" that I've contemplated trying in my hammock or
      > > elsewhere. It is a cotton blend cover though, so a bad choice from
      > > that point of view.
      > >
      > > They are sewn through construction with the quilting being wavy
      > > enough to generally retain the down where it belongs. They will
      > > develop some blank spots over time and need fluffing/shifting to
      > > work those out.
      > >
      > > If you found one that was long enough for you, they would be a good
      > > late spring & early fall cover most likely. I live in S. GA, but
      > > wander to north and central FL and up as far as VA/KY. I wouldn't
      > > trust it as a sole cover at temps below 40/50 or so, I don't
      > think.
      > > I took one for my youngest son to use at a re-enactment in Albany,
      > > GA last January along with a wool blanket -- he sleeps with his
      > head
      > > under the blankets, and complains of the wool making his face
      > itch.
      > > It was in the lower 30s and we ended up rebuilding our bedrolls at
      > > about 2am.
      > >
      > > Now that you've got me thinking, some careful work could put two of
      > > these together to make it long enough to sleep under, and you could
      > > put the extra down back into the quilt to increase the
      > > warmth.....hmm.
      > >
      > > One hint: We have these same down throws at Wal-Mart, Target, and
      > > sometimes places like Tuesday Morning for probably $5 less and no
      > > shipping in South Georgia -- same might be true in FL.
      > >
      > > Wynne Eden
      > > Americus, GA
      > > http://southeasterntrading.com/amohkali
      > > http://southernindiandept.org/
      > > http://coht.org/
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