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Re: Moisture control in the hammock

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  • rosaleen43@aol.com
    Amy- Part of the insulative value of the foam pad is pockets of (dead) trapped air. Holes would seem to allow airflow. Maybe how much airflow will be
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2003

      Part of the insulative value of the foam pad is pockets of (dead) trapped air.  Holes would seem to allow airflow.  Maybe how much airflow will be determined by how air tight the weave of the bottom fabric is.  I was thinking the UL hammocks were silnylon, a lighter but more expensive material, and part of the greater price of the UL's over the non UL's.  Something else for me to study up, huh?

      You might want to try another method to reduce gathering condensation.  I'm starting with the idea that you want to continue with the Z-rest.  It is a more expensive pad, but packs smaller, and, if you get stuck sleeping on the ground for some reason, it is supposed to be more comfortable than the flat pads.

      OK-So use something to absorb the water before it can collect in the dimples.  In winter, you may want to use fleece, whether as a flat piece under you of as clothing you wear.  My personal theory on the fleece is that the worn fleece is dryer: Less surface area contacting the foam, more contacting the body, more wicking of the moisture around the sleeper to be driven off by body heat. 

      Maybe some sort of a silk or "Coolmax" liner sheet would help with wicking away condensation.  The cheapest but not lightest might be one of those blue thingies, maybe called an "Amazing Blue Sheet."  People were having fun with them a year or so ago.  Walmart had them in the Lawn and Garden area.  The Sporting Goods people had no idea about them or that the store had any.  Shane may be one who experimented with them.  I have one I was thinking of splitting apart (2 layer thing) and using one as top and bottom sheet for a washable dual bag liner.  Haven't talked hubby into going camping, so I haven't pursued the idea.

      Good Luck, and keep us up on what you decide to try.

      Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 11:46:34 -0400
        From: amy <askowronek@...>
      Subject: Moisture control in the hammock

      I was thinking about all the sweat/water that ends up in the dimples
      of my Z-rest under me in my Hennessey.  The bottom of the hammock
      isn't waterproof.  If I put some holes in the dimples, the water could
      and should evaporate off the bottom of the hammock.

      Sound reasonable?  Or would holes large enough to do that allow
      enough air movement to make the pad useless?


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