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Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: New style Hammock

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  • opnheartscrub@tampabay.rr.com
    Funny you should mention that Tim. On my last AT hike I decided to sleep in a shelter with a guy we had met on the trail. He had a fever and I wanted to be
    Message 1 of 10 , Oct 15, 2006
      Funny you should mention that Tim. On my last AT hike I decided to
      sleep in a shelter with a guy we had met on the trail. He had a fever
      and I wanted to be close by (the closest hanging trees were quite a
      ways away) in case he needed help during the night. I only had my
      ridge rest and my SPE for padding. I folded the wings under the SPE
      and doubled the pad thickness. Don't get me wrong, I won't be trading
      in my hammock and doing the shelter hopping routine anytime soon but
      better to have Two layers that one 'tween me and the wood floor. I'm
      guessing that if it's cold enough to be using an Exped I would
      probably need the 1/2" inserts for my SPE wings and could fold them up
      to use as groung insulation if my inflatable should die on me. I Don't
      remember if you have an SPE or not but your line of thinking just
      saved me the weight and bulk of my ridgerest as backup ground
      insulation. Thanks!


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      From: tim garner <slowhike@...>
      Date: Saturday, October 14, 2006 9:37 pm
      Subject: Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: New style Hammock
      To: hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com

      > while your talking about pads & stuff, here`s another tought.
      > i`ve thought about my using an inflated pad (like the expead
      > DAM) in cold weather & what i would have to do to repair or
      > otherwise insulate if it went flat.
      > i`m guessing it wouldn`t be a bad idea to have a ccf pad for that
      > reason, but i don`t realy care to sleep w/ it as long as the DAM
      > is working. so i`m thinking of other uses for a ccf pad. i`m
      > also thinking about versitile, effective, light weight sleep
      > systems for the hammock.
      > what if i took two of ed`s 1/4" ccf pads & attached them on
      > each side of the hammock. this could be done loosely or with an
      > overlap of fabric to trap heat.
      > they could hang strait down & serve mainly as a wind block or
      > they could be cut in such a way that they could be brought
      > together & connected on the bottom. the ends could be tapered as
      > they reach the end to reduce dead air space, or the ends could
      > just be closed w/ silnylon & velcro.
      > if you have to go to ground, the two pads together would give
      > you a 1/2" of insulation underneath.
      > people on the backpackinglight.com forum have succesfuly used
      > barge glue, etc, to combine differant thickness pads, or attach an
      > ultralight, torso length inflatable to a full lenght ccf pad. so
      > w/ the right kind of cement & a good imagination, there`s no
      > telling what you can do. tim
      > Jeff <jwj32542@...> wrote: Sounds like a great setup, Brian.
      > Have a question, though. Couldn't you do w/o the 1.1 oz layer?
      > If
      > you're using it to hold a pad, the pad is already non-
      > breathable...so
      > the silnylon could to the same thing. (Someone here has used a
      > silnylon hammock for winter and said condensation is no worse than
      > holding a pad...don't remember who it was.)
      > You could even whip them together, b/c when using it as a ground
      > cloth
      > you could put still put the pad between the layers so the pad
      > protects
      > the part of the hammock that holds your weight. Just roll the
      > head
      > end up for a pillow and put your pack on the foot end.
      > Your thoughts?
      > Jeff
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