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Re: [Hammock Camping] Hammock help^*

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  • Jeff Ross
    I have one of the GI type that you saw in ebay. It s junk. It s heavy, flimsy, and will tip over easily. And a big guy just won t be comfortable in it. If you
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 26, 2006
      I have one of the GI type that you saw in ebay. It's junk. It's
      heavy, flimsy, and will tip over easily. And a big guy just won't be
      comfortable in it.

      If you are going to "the rainforest" you are probably going to spend
      a lot of money on airplane tickets, ground transportation, etc.
      already. So buying a top quality hammock would be a good investment.
      Besides being comfortable and dry, you MUST keep from getting bit by
      mosquitos as much as possible because of malaria, yellow fever, etc.

      When you get there you probably won't be able to buy anything decent
      to replace bad equipment that you brought with you either. Another
      reason to buy good stuff before you go.

      I am 6' 3", 200lb. I bought a Hennessy Expedition Asym hammock last
      fall, used it on a rainy September backpack elk hunt, and was very
      pleased. The whole thing cost about $300. I've used it several times
      since in good weather. If you buy one of these get the extra big
      rainfly with it. Also get the "under cover" which is a thin foam
      layer and another nylon layer. It's meant for keeping you warmer,
      but it will keep mosquitos from biting you thru the hammock. Are you
      backpacking everything yourself? If you have a way to take more gear
      than you want to carry (like a truck, mules, etc.), take a big (12 x
      16 or so) plastic tarp and some nylon parachute cord and bungies
      too. It's great to have a big dry area for people to hang around in
      when its raining. Kind of a living room, dining room, kitchen area.

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Johan van Dijk"
      <gonewalkabout2003@...> wrote:
      > Let me first say that I do not have any experience myself with the
      > mentioned in the original post.
      > That said, I have the following questions/remarks/ probable
      prejudices :-)
      > * Tarp section is small, even though the rain forests mostly
      produce rain
      > falling down straight, instead of 'side blown'
      > * They are made of canvas: ergo heavy
      > * They look, like Coy Boy said, easy to tip out of.
      > * They are cheap though...
      > I have used my hammock (HH) in the tropical rainforests of
      > Malaysia, Guatemala and Honduras, with more then 9 months of sleep
      in it.
      > Fwiw, I am 6 foot 1, weight eeh 75 kg (eeeh 165 lbs).
      > Now I am still in the (for me steep) learning proces of learning
      to stay at
      > just the right temperature in Holland (nights of about 10-15
      celsius, eeh by
      > heart about 50-60's F). With a JRB underquilt I am toasty one
      time, just a
      > tad to cold the other time, without any real top blanket cover.
      > Even in the jungles I found that my sarong could provide just an
      extra very
      > welcoming layer. So I second Coy Boy's opinion, if you go buying:
      speer or
      > hennessy. There might be others too but my main concern with them
      > weight. If money is an issue, you have time and capabilities <eg>
      go DIY. I
      > still want to try a silk DIY one, once my HH is no longer doing
      the job (and
      > my wallet, time schedule etc allow me to <g> )
      > Sorry for the short message, gotta go teach some scuba diving in
      the pool.
      > If you wanna have more info, either pm of on the list._,___
      > Grtz Johan
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      > intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.
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