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Re: Cold weather setup update.

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  • lakewood_matt
    I was hanging out in the maroon bells 2 weeks ago. 30 at night and windy. I was in my HH with 3/4 thermarest, 20 degree bag and polars on. I was so hot that I
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 17, 2006
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      I was hanging out in the maroon bells 2 weeks ago. 30 at night and windy.
      I was in my HH with 3/4 thermarest, 20 degree bag and polars on. I was so
      hot that I could hardly sleep. I also had a JRB nest beneath and a MacCat
      over me. I feel that I can take that setup down to 15-20 depending on wind.
      Good to find someone else who is testing in Colorado. Hikerdick is good too!
      Thanks for the info.

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, RevT <brian.tannehill@...> wrote:
      > Here is an update from my first night out in the cold (well cold for
      > me anyway).
      > I had my homemade hammock, ThermaRest basecamp sleeping pad and my
      > exped wallcreeper 40 deg sleeping bag.
      > I wore blue jeans, cold weather socks (cant remember the rating), a
      > 100% polyester thermal top, T-Shirt, and wool skull cap.
      > I went out at 10 pm last night to go to sleep. Temp was already at 41
      > deg. It was also real windy, 10-25 mphs. After getting settled into
      > the bag and I quit squirming around, I was hot, almost a little
      > sweaty. I slept with the bag on top of the pad, like a normal
      > configuration I guess you could call it. I slept warm all night even
      > with the wind. Also my shoulder hurts just a little bit, but not near
      > as much as if I had slept on my bed, nor near as much from previously
      > times in the hammock. I even slept on that side and it didnt seem to
      > bother it.
      > I do know that you should not compress ANY of the bag on top of you. I
      > could feel the cold almost immediately if I tried to bend my leg up
      > and my knee would poke out or something like that.
      > This morning when I got up, the temp said 37 deg on the web site, my
      > outside wall thermometer says 41, and I just measured with a digital
      > meat thermometer and it says 42. I think the wall thermometer is a bit
      > warmer because it sits on the exterior wall of the house. So I'll call
      > it somewhere in the low 40's. The forecast lows for this area was 35
      > deg and I am 1000 feet higher than the rest of the city. Sorry I cant
      > measure any more accurate than that...
      > The good news is I wasn't cold, wasn't even beginning to get cold. I
      > was impressed by the bag because in my experience, when they say they
      > are good down to x deg, they aren't.
      > Onto the hammock, I did have a bit of sag in it more than what I put
      > in it. When I put it up yesterday, I had about 6 ins till I hit the
      > deck, this morning I could feel the deck if I moved just right. Not
      > sure if the straps stretched or if they slipped. I have them wrapped
      > around my metal railing on my porch that is pretty slick.
      > Hopefully I've given a new lif to my sleeping pad as well. About three
      > years ago my dog decided to chew a hole in it. The hole is about 8
      > inches long and an inch or so wide, right on the seam. SO I hand
      > stitiched it, and seamed sealed it a lot. It still leaks all the air
      > out though, so I cant use it on the ground anymore.
      > Hope you find my experiments useful, even though some have been down
      > this path before. Any comments are always welcome.
      > Thanks,
      > Brian
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