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RE: Hammock Camping Subject: Cold weather sleep systems for hammocks

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  • Ed Speer
    Thanks Todd--I may have to try one of those things. In addition to the other cold-weather gear systems I ve been using, I m now testing a 3 -thick down-filled
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 16, 2003
      Thanks Todd--I may have to try one of those things.  In addition to the other cold-weather gear systems I've been using, I'm now testing a 3"-thick down-filled inflatable pad from Stevenson Warmlite (the DAM--down air mat).  With my Pea Pod and a 20 degree sleeping bag inside the hammock as a top blanket, I'm sweating at 20 degrees!--will let you know as I get to test in colder temps....Ed
      Hey, I use the Big Agnes Horsethief -- but not in hammock --- yet. That's why I'm on this list! Real interested in the Speer design, and will be making one in that mold soon. But, for those interested in a general way, the Big Agnes Horsethief is a kind of a "best buy," so far anyway. Made in China, so 200 bucks instead $400 made here. OK with me, they'll up their labor rates soon enough -- look at Japan, used to be real cheap.

      No  hood on the Horsethief thing, so plan on toting one for when it's real cold. Other than that, a great product,  warmer than spec cause a few ounces heavier than spec., last year, that is.

      Best, Todd in Tarzana.

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