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RE: Hammock Camping Hello to fellow hammock aficianados (wish I could spell that correctly!)

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  • Ed Speer
    Glad to hear you re considering cold-weather hammocking! Sounds like you re on to some good solutions. Let us know how it works....Ed I have the HH A-sym,
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 16, 2003
      Glad to hear you're considering cold-weather hammocking!  Sounds like you're on to some good solutions.  Let us know how it works....Ed
      I have the HH A-sym, present from Santa....been in it twice in the
      backyard and loved the way it felt....did not even consider it this
      past weekend when we went from Wayah Gap to Wesser-had a low of 4.6F
      Sunday morning when we woke up about 2 miles south of Wesser Bald.
      I am currently waiting for a shipment to arrive from Outdoor
      Wilderness Fabrics- some Primaloft, some sil-nyl, some aluminized sil-
      nyl, some elastic, etc. all to fashion an 'under-quilt' for my
      hammock that hopefully will extend its use and negate the need to
      wrestle a pad into the hammock or a fight to keep it under me while I
      On this weekends hike we took note of the very few places a tent
      could be set up (we used a Golite Den for the first time and loved
      it)....we simply lucked out in finding a tent site, wanting to go
      beyond the shelter and get more miles in the first day, what we found
      turned out to be the only tent site for miles.....However, if we had
      brought the hammocks we would have had unlimited hammocking sites
      (though we would have frozen in the hammocks current state)....
      OK, want to know more about me surf to Whiteblaze.com and read my bio
      or posts...in a nutshell I have been section hiking the AT for over
      30 years and will until I am dead or can't walk...also sea kayak and
      did 14 paddle trips in last year and a half to everywhere....

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