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Re: Hello, I am new to group and have a question

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  • Dave Womble
    I no it is obvious but I m going to point it out just to be sure, Rat meant to say the stock width of 60 inches . Also before you start reducing the width,
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 30, 2006
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      I no it is obvious but I'm going to point it out just to be sure,
      Rat meant to say "the stock width of 60 inches".

      Also before you start reducing the width, you might want to consider
      how you are going to use a bugnet. I use one like Ed Speer
      recommends in his book and uses with his Speer Hammocks, it attaches
      to the sides of the hammock with Velcro. This arrangement results
      in another parameter which I don't recall as being defined, but I
      refer to it as hammock girth. I first had issues with that when I
      used a very large down air mat (DAM is coffin shaped, 4+ inches
      thick, 80 inches long and 28 inches wide) in my hammock and tried
      using it with the bugnet on. What I found was that the DAM was
      large enough to impact the hammock girth and I actually went to a 6
      inch longer hammock and a foot wider bugnet to accommodate the huge

      Anyway, back on topic, the maximum hammock girth with this type of
      attached bugnet is basically the width of the hammock material plus
      the width of the bugnet-- I say basically because there is some
      overlap due to the way the Velcro attaches the bugnet to the
      hammock. What this means is that if you reduce the width of the
      hammock fabric you reduce the girth when the bugnet is attached and
      you may find this too restrictive. One option would be to increase
      the width of the bugnet to maintain the original girth and if you
      did that you would basically be trading out hammock fabric for
      bugnetting and not get as much reduction in weight as you thought
      you would. Of course this isn't an issue if you don't use a bugnet
      or a bugnet that is attached in such a way that hammock girth is a
      meaningful paramete


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Rat" <hogn8r2004@...> wrot
      > Just start with the stock length of 60". this is what most peopl
      > prefer. However, to save on weight many cut the width down
      a little
      > This really is a personal comfort issue tho. So, I would make
      it 60
      > and then make a new one, and keep cutting it down until I had th
      > right amount of comfort and weight. I use all of mine at 60" th
      o, mor
      > comfortable to me, and I'm not much of a gram counter, but it onl
      > weighs 18 ounce
      > R
      > --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "podlife59" <tea_Rick@
      > wrot
      > > Hell
      > > I happened onto this group today and this afternoon I have bee
      > > reading a lot on how to make a hammock. In the past I have rea
      > abou
      > > Clark's jungle hammock, the Hennessey and the Blue Ridge a
      nd abou
      > > other suppliers of hammocks south of the border. I find a
      ll this s
      > > intriguing that I decided to make one for myself. I do have
      > > question for anyone who would like to answer. I understand th
      at th
      > > hammock is to be 120" in length before whipping, but how wi
      de shoul
      > > it be? Just wondering? Thanks, Ri
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