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Re: additional info regarding question I just posted...

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  • Amy
    ... Now that s a relief to read. This is so different from any camping I ve done...
    Message 1 of 12 , Jun 15, 2006
      > You really don't need to find 2 strong trees. People have used other
      > posts, some rock pilings (OK, rare, but done), two vehicles, or 1 tree
      > and one vehicle, etc. We had a really poor site in Fremont Lake USFS
      > campground a few years ago. I got Larry's hammock up between a couple
      > of stunted and scruffy evergreens. They were sturdy enough, just so
      > over grown with bushy branches and encroaching bushes that he couldn't
      > fit in close enough to set up. I could. In out assigned site, I
      > found another marginal tree the right distance from a young aspen. It
      > wasn't sturdy enough to hold me, so I tied extra rope to two other
      > small trees, effectively staking out the one I used. Of course, I
      > wouldn't normally backpack with this extra rope, but my point is that
      > there is flexibility in how/where you hang, and, with experience, you
      > will get increasingly creative...

      Now that's a relief to read. This is so different from any camping
      I've done...
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