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Re: Hammocks vs. tents?

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  • Amy
    ... Thanks, Jamie! I appreciate the assurances!
    Message 1 of 20 , Jun 15, 2006
      > I started just like you a few years ago and was not sure how I would
      > like being in the more enclosed space of the hammock. I like my HH
      > and have never slept better. The one issue I have is dealing with
      > the cold. The HH is wonderful in mild temps but for me, once it
      > gets below about 50 or so I revert to my top entry hammock. I have
      > found the top entry style to be easier to insulate than the HH and
      > equally as comfortable. I love being off the ground and although I
      > live in the desert, I have not had a problem finding trees or
      > something from which to hang.

      Thanks, Jamie! I appreciate the assurances!
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