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Re: Hammock Camping HammockAddiction

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  • Clifford R. Haynes
    Yup just go to http://www.hennessyhammock.com/catalogue.htm at the bottom of the page. Just give them a call, and tell them what you want. Rocky ... From:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 12, 2003
      Yup just go to http://www.hennessyhammock.com/catalogue.htm at the bottom of the page. Just give them a call, and tell them what you want.
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      From: firefly
      Sent: Monday, May 12, 2003 7:25 PM
      Subject: Hammock Camping HammockAddiction

      This is an addiction, yes? If so, this "support group" does nothing to help break the habit. <G>!!
       I bought my second hammock over the weekend because the bugnet on my Hennessy was blocking the wind blowing around my front porch. I bought a Mayan-style rope hammock from Academy Sports, but I am not wild about it. I really prefer the bottom-entrance feature of the Hennessy. Also, the ropes on this new hammock are not long enough to span the corner of the porch and tie securely. I had to rig long chains from the porch rafters to make it reach.  Does HH or anyone else sell a net-less bottom-entry hammock? I didn't see one on the HH website.  Please don't suggest I sew...NEVER!  
      Thanks, Firefly (who lives about 80 miles upriver from the famous Shane)

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