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Re: Four Season Hammocking?

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    Hey Everyone, been gone for awhile. It s good to see so many new names on the list. Good article jeff. About six months ago while I was trying to build an an
    Message 1 of 17 , May 22, 2006
      Hey Everyone, been gone for awhile. It's good to see so many new names
      on the list. Good article jeff. About six months ago while I was
      trying to build an an all-in-one super-duper uber-shelter some of my
      designs crossed paths with what you are thinking about for the true
      four-season shelter.

      First: I live in Central texas and we only have two seasons, Summer
      and the few cool weeks :) My primary design objectives were for wet
      storms, the big crazy wind, twelve inches of rain in an hour kind. I
      ultimately gave up on the uber-shelter because I determined that the
      modular style was the way to go. Using stolen designs from Youngblood
      and Ray Garlington I am able to stay high and dry in the worst of the
      storms. The storms we had a few weeks ago were freaky bad (four days
      in a row, no less)and proved very well the weatherability of the set-
      up. Although I did have a seam that started leaking after a
      particularly bad ten minutes of hail, aboout golfball sized. And you
      can forget about sleeping through that!

      However, one design that I did incorporate into my set up is called
      the "Tunnel of Hate", because you hafta crawl into it. I frequently
      hunt Colorado and New Mexico and needed something to use if I were to
      be caught out overnight in a snow storm. It is a variation of
      Youngbloods' Tarp Shelter. Except it is very low slung and more along
      the lines of an A-Frame tarp set up. The ends are sewn closed with a
      cone thingy extending out of the top corners for the hammock supports
      to pass through. Very similar to what you are thinking of I suspect.
      It does not have a floor in it and it would be difficult to put one in
      since it is cat cut on all sides. But a straight cut one could be
      built to have a floor very easily. My main concern is for wind so I
      used cat cut sides and pitch it very low to the ground, the hammock is
      just a few inches off of the ground in fact. This piece of gear goes
      in my survival kit and is used only when I have to bivuac away from
      base camp. The long sloped sides shed wind great but would proly not
      shed snow very well. If it was snowing bad I planned on using my bow,
      back pack (small framed day pack) and arrows to bolster the sides to
      keep them from collapsing from the weight of the snow.

      I will put up a JPEG in the files section to show you kinda what I
      mean. Adding a cooking area would be very easy as well. I never
      considered this as my main meals while away from camp are jerked meats
      and gorp.

      The file will be called tunnel of hate.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "jwj32542" <jwj32542@...> wrote:
      > I wrote up some thoughts on four season hammocking - it's a lot of
      > thoughts that we've talked about here and on other forums, but
      > surely you guys have some good input. Let's hash it out!
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