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  • tim garner
    yep, i made it home ok, but i did stop twice to take a short nap, and then another long nap after i got home. that really took something out of me. for those
    Message 1 of 3 , May 22, 2006
      yep, i made it home ok, but i did stop twice to take a short nap, and then another long nap after i got home. that really took something out of me.
      for those who wer`nt there, what i`m talking about is food poisining!
      for supper sat eve i ate from a food vendor that sells chicken, beef tips, & alligator.
      i got a plate of chicken, rice, & veges. it tasted pretty good, but a little later my stomach didn`t feel quite right. at times it began to feel like it was knoting up. but it sorta came & went.
      i walked out of the fair ground & up the AT (less than a 5 minute walk from the truck) to set up the hammock & tarp. i left most of my stuff back at the truck, including the first aid kit which had the lomotrin.
      about 2am i woke up feeling like i was going to throw up. i started to get up from the hammock on the up hill side (i was on about 30 degree slope) but realized i wasn`t going to make it & i would have been pucking on the up-hill side, so i rolled back into the hammock & leaned over the other side ... just in time. boy did i let the rice roll ! and that was just the begining.
      it was vomiting & diarrrhea through-out the morning.
      i usualy like to have the water bag full in the evening so i have plenty to last me through the next morning, but i forgot to find more water before i started up the hill that night. i decided that i had just enough to take a drink or two through the night & heat a cup of moca in the morning. little did i know what was ahead.
      yeah, i could have made my way back down to the fair ground, but where would i have had to be blowing it out both ends (sorry) in such a public place? and i needed a comfortable place to lay inbetween those times.
      anyway, it was one heck of a night & morning. mater a fact i called into work today (mon) because it took so much out of me. and i have hardly ever called in sick. i know i got pretty dehydrated.
      moral of the story... when you go over seas, don`t drink the water, but when you go to trail days, DON`T EAT THE FOOD !!!
      if i wasn`t so beat-down & nasty, i would have went & confronted those people at that food booth sunday morning. that would have been the perfect time to go (just as i was) but i just didn`t have it in me. ...tim

      Ed Speer <ed@...> wrote:
      TrailDays06 was lots of fun this past weekend, in spite of the storms! We
      had extremely heavy rains Friday night, but our new large canopy worked
      perfectly-unfortunately many hammock campers with small tarps didn't fare as
      well. Our thanks to everyone who visited our booth, and special thanks to
      Marta for helping out all weekend. Slow Hike--did you make it home OK?
      Karen & I had a very similar experience with the vendor food in previous
      years-we should have warned you, but it was too late! We missed you on

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