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Off line a while, years. But this group can think.

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  • Daniel Halsey
    In 2001 I started using hammocks and ultralight (homemade)equipment. Hiked usually 17 miles a day on trips with my son. Had a great time. I ve been off a few
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2006
      In 2001 I started using hammocks and ultralight (homemade)equipment.
      Hiked usually 17 miles a day on trips with my son. Had a great time.
      I've been off a few years now after a skiing accident and resulting
      back surgery. Snowboarder hit me going mach 2.

      I have been trying to incorporate ultralight and the like minded
      principles of Tree Hanging to my life and find that there are many
      areas I compartmentalize and fail to address as seriously as I do

      Anyway, Two things have caught my attention this past year. Peak Oil
      and Permaculture. Traveling is a big part of get out to new exciting
      places and it seems that it may all be going away for my kids and
      maybe even me in the next 20 years. A smuch as I have a dapted to "low
      impact living" and a "leaving no trace" lifestyle, it is inevitable
      that our way of life IS coming to an abrupt end.

      If you read the reports at Peakoil.net and see "The End of
      Suburbia"(DVD) and Read "The Long Emergency", you get the picture that
      most of our citizens are incapable of taking care of themselves
      without a massive and expensive infrastucture based on cheap
      petroleum. Unlike us who have been self reliant for weeks and at times
      months at a time, 90% of us can't even sew, cook a meal, or go into
      the woods without severe risk. Let alone make the things needed to do
      so. I still see those 80 lbs. pack on long trail with miserable hikers
      below. The mind set of America is the same. They don't know what they
      are doing, how to do it better then its too late. All the trappings
      of modernity weigh us down.

      My answer,
      1. 4 years ago I bought a hybrid Honda. 50-80 mpg. Two 10 gallon tanks
      a month. All the gear sits in back and I'm off.

      2. We bought 25 acres in Rural Minneapolis area, just on the edge.
      In 4 years the place will hopfully be self sustaining. Permacuture
      practices will feed us (if we want or need) Plant Guilds, sustainable
      gardens needing virtually no maintenance. Solar systems home made or
      bought for heating and energy. Our own future proof wilderness
      retreat. My own trees to hang in.

      3. Understand the truth about where we are going. Know that Hydrogen
      is not a fuel, Ethanol is a net loss to produce its energy. Without
      oil this country will survive only with free thinkers and self reliant
      people like those that read this group's posts. Keep an eye out and
      watch as this develops.

      Tonight Peak Oil finally gets on the news. WCCO in Mpls will air a
      story about the coming oil crisis. I only hope more people will get
      informed and dig for answers. Don't sleepwalk into the future.

      Dan Halsey
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