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More on packgoats - The Goat Tracks Magazine

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  • J.D. Hoessle
    Just posted an inquiry with the Yahoo packgoats Group asking for any East Coast Out-Fitters . Since we have a number of motor-cyclist-hammock-hangers , I
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 26, 2006
      Just posted an inquiry with the Yahoo packgoats Group asking for any
      "East Coast Out-Fitters".

      Since we have a number of "motor-cyclist-hammock-hangers", I guess we
      could entertain the idea of "packgoat-hammock-hangers"....?

      For those who are interested, I have copied (in part) a Dec. 2005 Post
      re: the "Goat Tracks Magazine" by "Sweet Goat Mama" L_O_VE that name!
      Info below:

      "This magazine is celebrating its 10th birthday this year. The new
      issue of GT will be out mid-January.
      including Dr Naaktegeboren, cultural athropologist; Clay Zimmerman and
      Perry Burkhart, outfitters and photographers; the North American
      Packgoat Association board members; the local packgoat clubs; and many
      others who work to make up this unusual magazine. And, as always, we
      welcome your contributions, be it an afternoon hike or a month long
      New in this issue is "Training Your Packgoat" with Rex Summerfield.
      Rex will be a regular contributor and is open to answering questions
      about all aspects of training. We're happy to have him on board as he
      has been training, outfitting and breeding packgoats for a very long
      time. Rex can be sent to him from his website at
      or through the GT office.
      Also, anyone who is not currently receiving GT and would like a
      sample, send me your address and I'll send you a copy of the next
      issue to enjoy.
      Carolyn Eddy
      "Sweet Goat Mama"
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