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Re: [Hammock Camping] Newbie to group.. not to hammocks

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  • john hill
    When we built a monkey bridge in scouts we tied the bipods back with a series of stakes. Each side of the X had a line running back to a stake. That stake
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 9, 2006
      When we built a monkey bridge in scouts we tied the bipods back with a series of stakes. Each side of the "X" had a line running back to a stake. That stake was the longest of the 3. A line was tied to the top of that stake to the bottom of another stake further back. This was done a third time to secure the "X" Each stake is just a little shorter that the first but I don't guess that really matters. If you can find a Boy Scout Merit Badge book on Pioneering it'll show you what I'm describing.

      Phil <myamiphil@...> wrote: Hi all

      Ive camped in hammocks a whiel back, Id say before it was
      popular....(60's) thats a story in its self....I have two net
      hammocks, ok for day hikes, but the nylon is a pain in the A! Too

      I finally acquired a nice cotton 'mayan' style hammock from Campmoor
      in NJ... great for the backyard retreat...

      Ive done something I saw in Brazil.... There in the parks there is one
      common pole and several radial poles. Each person brings their own
      single pole and create their own spot in the radial.. cool

      Now, In my backyard....
      Not having that many trees to tie off to, I made a bi-pod as my radial
      spot and secured that to the ground with a tie off line a few feet
      away... Anchor???? a 4 ft pole hammered into the ground... One end of
      the hammock is tied off to a tree and the other end to the bi-pod...
      Forget a tent stake.... aint no way!!

      (Bi-pod is two legnths of 5/4 wood bolted together....)

      Result?? ehhhhhhhhhhh
      The pole is pulling out of the ground!!!!! the soil is too soft....
      You would think in theory this scheme should work, ...

      I originally created a pipe in a pipe scheme to allow removal of the
      inner pipe and leave the bigger one in the ground.... till the pipe
      bent.... (I used gas line - steel galv pipe!)

      So for the stretching line... Ill switch to something else.... Nylon
      banding for the tree... What is being used for standard line???

      Second has anyone tried a bipod scheme before that worked??

      I purused the files section and found the diagrams for the angles
      needed. That may have been part of my problem... as I was too
      stretched out....Ill have to maintain at least a 30 deg angle... which
      means hang higher....

      Any thoughts??

      Thanks in advance


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