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Re: Hammock Camping "Tree-Hugger" Straps...

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  • blqysmg
    Oops, that should have been tow strap, not two strap. Even with preview I didn t catch it. ... in ... and ... but You ... gear. ... would ... leg ... also
    Message 1 of 10 , May 5, 2003
      Oops, that should have been tow strap, not two strap. Even with
      preview I didn't catch it.

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "blqysmg"
      <david.chamness@e...> wrote:
      > I just got back from a camping trip to St Augustine, Fl. We were
      > the most beautiful tropical jungle, surrounded by pine, live oak,
      > tons of ground cover.
      > While my wife was setting up the inside of the camper, I was busy
      > selecting trees for the hammock. I had my tree-hugger straps out,
      > and had the hammock slung over my shoulders when the ranger came by.
      > The first thing he said to me was not, "welcome to Florida,"
      but "You
      > are not allowed to attach anything to any of the trees." They have
      > effectively banned setting up hammocks.
      > I was disappointed, since I'd just found the perfect pair of trees,
      > but I wasn't stopped completely. I'd brought bamboo supports with
      > me, so I used them instead of the trees. If everyone went to non-
      > destructive tree-huggers, they might lift the ban.
      > I used to do a lot of caving, and made most of my own climbing
      > We used to buy two inch poly webbing that was rated at around 6000
      > lbs breaking strength. (Basically seat belt material) We also
      > get three inch webbing every once in a while. We would use it for
      > loops, which are much more comfortable than two inch loops, and
      > for tree-huggers.
      > A properly sewn three inch wide, three foot long strap, with loops
      > each end would be secure, and incredibly strong. You can also find
      > three inch wide cargo and two strap webbing that's rated 20,000
      > with basically no streach at our level of use.
      > David Chamness
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