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Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: the ongoing saga of wet-weather testing...err..camping

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  • opnheartscrub@tampabay.rr.com
    ... I thought of that but by the time the water woke me it was too late. ... That s pretty much my same experience. ... Do a search through the archives, I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2006
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      > IF it ever happened again, I'd get out of the hammock and try to
      > tie
      > it up to the ridgeline, just to keep it from getting soaked. Then
      > I'd lower the tarp and plan to spend the night on the ground.

      I thought of that but by the time the water woke me it was too late.

      > As it was, I bagged up my sleeping stuff to keep it dry, put on my
      > poncho, and sat up all night. Sometimes I sat in the hammock,
      > sometimes I sat on logs outside. After a while it didn't much
      > matter
      > as everything everywhere got wet.

      That's pretty much my same experience.

      > My idea for improving my rig is to put a metal ring or carabiner
      > between the tree strap and the hammock strap. This should prevent
      > wetting-through by capilliary action, provide a natural drip
      > point,
      > and an anchor point for drip strings.

      Do a search through the archives, I think Youngblood did some tests
      and found that the rings didn't help much due to the sag of the

      > Also, though I hate to say anything bad about Mosquito Hammocks,
      > the
      > tarp for the Jungle Hammock is not waterproof, but only water
      > resistant. The hammock body, however, IS waterproof. Seems exactly
      > backwards, but manufacturer, Tom Claytor, says that's the way his
      > customers wanted it.
      > So I'm also going to have to invest in a silnylon tarp to replace

      That's really strange. I wonder if he did get it backwards or if the
      majority of his customers don't sleep much in the rain.

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