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Re: cheap hammock insulation

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  • Ivan Hazelton
    All I can say is: YOU FREAKIN ROCK! that is exactly the kind of info I was looking for. Okay at least the comparison at the bottom, I ll have to re-read the
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 17, 2005
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      All I can say is:


      that is exactly the kind of info I was looking for.

      Okay at least the comparison at the bottom, I'll have to re-read the
      top half of the message a couple more times to clear that up in my head.

      The stuff at Jo-Anns is "mid-loft" no idea what that means.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "David Wills"
      <little_daddy979@y...> wrote:
      > I was up late contemplating cheap insulations last night (I get
      > excited, maybe too much), and I made a chart comparing the numeric
      > values of the various insulations. From what I have gathered through
      > various discussions/ groups/ posts on synthetic insulation, Thinsulate
      > loses compression fastest, is coldest when wet,is initially lighter
      > than Primaloft and heavier the P3D, similar in compression with
      > Primaloft, and slightly cheaper than PL or Polarguard 3D. Primaloft
      > is supposed to be warmer than Thinsulate when wet, and similar to P3D,
      > the heaviest of the 3, compresses well, pretty durable, and cheaper
      > than 3D. 3D is most expensive, is bulky, very durable, warm as PL
      > when wet, and lightest.
      > One thing I didn't consider untill last night was Ed's 900 fill down.
      > It is extremely light and compressible. In hammocks, getting wet
      > usually isnt an issue, so it would be a good consideration, even for
      > the price concious as you can see below:
      > 900 Fill down
      > 2700 ci fill
      > 3 oz
      > $25 from Speer Hammocks
      > 108 ci/$
      > 900ci/ oz
      > Polarguard 3D 3/4-1 in (avg 7/8 ")
      > 1890 ci/ yd 60x36
      > 5 oz linear yd 60x36
      > $11 from owfinc.com
      > 171 ci/$
      > 378 ci/oz
      > Primaloft .8 in
      > 1728 ci/yd 60x36
      > 8 oz linear yd 36x60
      > $8.65 from thru-hiker.com
      > 200 ci/$
      > 216 ci/oz
      > Thinsulate Lite Loft 1 in
      > 2160 ci/yd 60x36
      > 8.8 oz/ linear yd. 36*60
      > $10/ yd at seattlefabrics.com
      > 216 ci/$
      > 245 ci/oz
      > I don't know about the Jo Anns thinsulate- ultra, supreme, and regular
      > thinsulate are cheaper than light loft but fall short of it's
      > peformance and weight. You will also want to consider sewing skills
      > if you consider down (im not messing with it for a few more projects).
      > Also, lite loft hasn't been around too long, and could be more
      > durable than older thinsulates and may be more than primaloft or P3D.
      > Thats what happens when you stay up too late...
      > - David in need of a trailname
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