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Re: camping in a Mayan hammock......

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  • blqysmg
    Christina, I discovered hammocks about five years ago when I visited the Yucatan peninsula. Mayan Territory. I had always thought of hammocks as those tippy
    Message 1 of 29 , Apr 28, 2003

      I discovered hammocks about five years ago when I visited the
      Yucatan peninsula. Mayan Territory. I had always thought of
      hammocks as those tippy things with a bar at both ends and a net in
      the middle. Not very trustworthy, and while comfortable for a mid-
      afternoon nap, they would hurt your back after about an hour.

      When I left the Americanized city of Cancun, however, I discovered
      that just about everyone in that part of Mexico sleeps full time in a
      hammock. They didn't use the bar at each end, because it makes the
      hammock tippy and uncomfortable. They also don't pull the hammock

      I have several great pictures from the trip that shows true Mayan
      indians, (some of which still don't speak Spanish) sleeping or
      resting in their hammocks. They hang the hammocks from beams in the
      ceiling of their homes (about 7 1/2 feet high) and let them droop
      down to about three feet.

      When they sleep, they do so at an angle, so that their heads and
      their feet are level, with only a slight dip for their, um, middle

      I bought a hammock on the spot, and brought it home. I put it up on
      posts that hold up the roof on my back porch. We spend several years
      of bliss rocking in that hammock. My wife nursed both of my boys in
      it, and we let both boys drift off to sleep many a afternoon nap in
      the hammock.

      Eventually, it gave in to the weather, and had to be replaced. I
      wouldn't trade the memories for anything. I have a solid
      fabric "Speer" hammock now, and I hang it in the traditional mayan
      fashion. I've spent many nights out in it, covered by a tarp, and
      lots of sunny days, swinging in the breeze. The only difference in
      the two is that I didn't want to spend a week or more stringing the
      three miles of string that would be required to make a full sized
      (double) mayan hammock. Otherwise, they work the same way.

      I've even built a hammock stand for the yard, and for camping where
      there aren't any trees. I used two pairs of eight foot bamboo poles,
      tied in a tall X, where the crossing point is about a foot from the
      top end. Stake down one end, and hook the hammock to the other, and
      your done.

      If I could get the wife to give up the King Sized bed, I'd move it
      out in a minute. Some battles aren't worth fighting, though.

      Welcome to the world of Hammock Fanatics, you're in good company.

      David Chamness

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Christina Moon <moonpi@i...>
      > Hi Folks,
      > I have two Mayan hammocks and don't want to go buy another hammock
      > camping. Has anyone got any particular tips to share about Mayan
      > camping, or is Mayan hammock camping forbidden?
      > Cheers,
      > Christina
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      > Peace Be With You Always.
      > ~~Christina Moon
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