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Re: [Hammock Camping] Quick Trip Report.

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  • Scot Leibacher
    Attached is a picture of our double Hennesseys between cars hang. The tan/brown is an Ultralight Backpacker model and the forest green is an Expedition. ...
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 5, 2005
      Attached is a picture of our "double Hennesseys between cars" hang.

      The tan/brown is an Ultralight Backpacker model and the forest green is
      an Expedition.

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      1)Pictures of your unique "hang" ???
      2) Permethrin

      See more info at the CDC site:


      On 12/4/05, Scot Leibacher <scot-leibacher@...> wrote:
      > Just wanted to file a quick trip report. My younger brother (14 years
      > younger),
      > younger sister (4 years) and I just returned last night from a week long
      > trip
      > starting in Indiana down to southern Florida and back. Our main activities
      > included Mining gems in Hiddenite North Carolina, two days canoing in
      > Everglades National Park in southern Florida, A day visit to the Audoban's
      > Corkscrew bird sanctuary near Naples Florida, and a one day canoe
      > trip in the Okeefenokee swamp in southern Georgia on the way back home.
      > My brother and I both used Henessey Hammock most of the nights
      > we spent at various campsites during the trip. Our original plan in the
      > Everglades was for a two day trip staying the night on one of the
      > chickees (a platform raised out of the water to be used for overnight
      > stays), The chickees are big enough for several free-standing tents
      > and are covered with a roof. We planned to hang the hammocks on the
      > roof supports. All of the chickee sites were closed, however, due to damage
      > sustained in the last hurricane that hit southern Florida back in early
      > October. In fact, the whole southern half of the Everglades National
      > Park was closed and probably will remain so until about Easter of 2006.
      > We opted instead to stay at a nearby Florida State Park (Collier) and
      > take two one-day trips into the Everglades. The State Park would not
      > allow hanging on trees due to plant life that grows on the bark of the trees
      > that is eaten by several types of snails, some endangered, in this
      > part of Florida. Since both our cars have luggage racks, we ended up parking
      > the cars about 18 feets apart and hanging them between the cars.
      > Although the bugs and mosquitos were not bad at all, I did end up getting
      > chomped on good one night in the hammock. Since the night temperatures
      > dipped into the low fifties, I used a lightweight sleeping bag unzipped
      > all the way. Laying on top of part of the sleeping bag and allowing the
      > extra to
      > be folded over the top of me when the temperatures got a little cool.
      > One morning, I awike and my left shoulder was off the sleeping bag directly
      > on the hammock material. I found I had about 5 mosquito bites where they
      > had apparently bitten through the hammock material.

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