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Re: [Hammock Camping] wind proof fleece

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  • Dick Matthews
    I don t know the definition soft shell clothes so I can t comment on them. The fleece, windbarrier and fleece sandwich (think OR Windstopper balaclava) is not
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 1, 2005
      I don't know the definition soft shell clothes so I can't comment on them.

      The fleece, windbarrier and fleece sandwich (think OR Windstopper
      balaclava) is not as effective as vapor barrier, insulation, waterproof
      layer sandwich.

      For day hikes/skiis I prefer from skin out:
      fleece top,
      micro-fleece shirt,
      water/proof breathable (X-tex),
      down coat for breaks.

      For remote trips vapor barrier technique is worth the extra effort.
      While active between 20 and 0 (blue wax range - I don't enjoy skiing in
      the green range) I am comfortable in:
      vapor barrier shirt - 7.8 oz.
      micro-fleece shirt - 13.3 oz.
      silnylon pullover - 4.4 oz.

      Add a down sweater (9.2 oz.) between the micro-fleece shirt and silnylon
      pullover and the combination is comfortable down to 0 while in camp.

      Above 20 (purple wax range) just the micro-fleece and pull over.

      At about freezing (red wax range) just the micro-fleece.

      It is probably just me, but when I use vapor barrier shirts above 20 I
      overheat and the sweat runs down to my underwear. The result is
      uncomfortable at best and perhaps dangerous. Be careful.

      Using vapor barrier clothes does require much more attention to hats,
      gloves and layering to prevent overheating.

      A thermometer is very important on winter trips.

      Short answer - I agree, Tim.

      Dick Matthews
      - Experience is a wonderful thing. It enables you to recognize a
      mistake when you make it again.

      tim garner wrote:

      > jeff... i have a differant opinion than some on fleece w/ wind
      >block,etc (we may have discused this a while back? sorry if we did).
      >in my thinking, if you have a layer of wind resistant material between
      >two layers of fleece, the out side layer of fleece is doing little
      >more than protecting the wind resistant layer from abrasion (wasted
      >bulk & weight) & mabey adding a certain style. if on the other hand
      >the fleece is wind resistant because it is a very dense material,
      >mabey that`s a differant story. i have a nice looking jacket like
      >that & it`s not that warm. i`d rather wear my puffy jacket or fleece
      >w/ rain shell. but i`ll still wear it around town in mild
      >weather. how about yall?
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