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RE: {Spam?} [Hammock Camping] electric hammock vest?

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  • Ed Speer
    That info is very useful Michael. I m glad to hear that a car battery won t be drained from just a single night s use. Guess I m going to have to invest in
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2005
      That info is very useful Michael. I'm glad to hear that a car battery won't
      be drained from just a single night's use. Guess I'm going to have to
      invest in some electric clothes before this is over...Ed

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      I dug out my electric vest, and did some measurements.

      First, the internal wires are not noticeable at all while wearing it and
      laying on the carpeted floor. You can barely feel them with your
      fingertips. Comfort should not be an issue, if you can deal with the power
      cord being connected.

      The vest weighs 19 oz. w/o a battery or connecting cord or the optional
      You would want the thermostat option for use in a hammock. I don't use it
      on the bike, I just switch it off and on to regulate
      my body comfort, but then I don't sleep on my bike, not on purpose anyway

      The current draw measures 2.66A at 12V (engine not running). The vest is
      not on all of the time, but if you assume 50% duty cycle for the thermostat
      (this seems reasonable based on my bike experience), the power draw is ~16
      Watts average. It's about 1.33 Amp hours to run it for 1 hour, or 10.64
      Amp Hours for an 8 hour sleep. A typical car battery has 80 to 100 amp
      hours of capacity. My bike has a 30 amp hour battery. It should be no
      problem to run the vest for a warm nights sleep, even with a larger duty

      I feel a road trip coming on.




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