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RE: [Hammock Camping] electric hammock (vest)

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  • carterm@mindspring.com
    Hi Coy,   No - I slept in the hammock, he stayed in the tent.  Neither of us got cold, but I didn t have a root in my back all night.  He s getting
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2005
      Hi Coy,
      No - I slept in the hammock, he stayed in the tent.  Neither of us got cold, but I didn't have a root in my back all night.  He's getting interested in a hammock now :o)
      The temp dipped a little below freezing, but overall, the weather was great for hiking.  There was just a little snow and rain Sunday morning.  It wasn't cold enough to be a problem though.  I woke up groggy wondering how come the rain was blowing horizontally under my tarp with almost no wind, only to realize that it was very tiny wet snow flakes drifting by. By the time we packed up to hike out it had mostly stopped, so we didn't need our rain gear.

      I was trying out a new Exped Downmat 7, and it was great.  Less hassle than I imagined, and as comfortable as I can remember being.  Since Ed was in Arizona, and I couldn't order an SPE before the trip, I sewed up my own, and that also worked very well.  I'm sure Ed's look much better than mine though!  I had a Marmot Helium 900 (15 deg) bag with me, and it was more than enough.  I think my Atom would have been fine instead, and I could have saved a pound of weight.  I used the bag as a top blanket, with my feet tucked in the bottom of the bag.  Very comfy.
      I found that the pad stayed perfectly in place all night, unlike the thermarest that I've been using.  I think this is because the SPE was slippery which allowed me to move around without dragging the pad with me. The "wings" worked well and kept me from finding any cold spots during the night.
      It was a very good trip - too short though.  I'm hoping to go again between Christmas and New Years.

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      I was wondrering how the hike went.  did you sleep in the tent with
      the brother:') etc.

      Coy Boy


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