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RE: {Spam?} [Hammock Camping] Re: SPE

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  • Ed Speer
    J. D., Glad the SPE is working well for you. Sounds like you ve found out already just how flexible it really is. Karen & I returned yesterday after having
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2005
      J. D., Glad the SPE is working well for you. Sounds like you've found out
      already just how flexible it really is. Karen & I returned yesterday after
      having been gone most of Nov. I'm still catching up on the recent

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      > wrote:
      > after jd mentioned the SPE i went to the speer web page & was
      > looking at them again.
      > Tim,
      > Not sure if you're confused by the listed dimensions or not.

      Tim...? Understand what Dave is talking about now?

      The SPE "BODY with stretch bottom" holds a 20" wide pad of most any
      thickness. Exped DAM fits in there easily or a T-rest plus Blue cc.

      The SPE "wings" are in TWO different configurations. If you're skinny
      and don't need that extra width in the shoulders, one set of "wings"
      (4 in all) works fine. If you are wide across the shoulders, you
      probably need the extra 4... Make sense...?

      I know I posted this before; but, I am so impressed with how well it
      worked for me! NO COLD SPOTS! (Exped DAM + SPE + blue cc pads in the
      wings) What had concerned me and turned out to be a non-issue was if
      it was going to be "too tight". Of course, I was a bit "higher" in
      the Speer because of the thickness of the DAM; but not a problem. I
      was wrapped "snugly" but not "tightly"...

      Warmer temps, I will definitely use the SPE; but, a gray or blue pad
      versus the Exped DAM.

      I am also pleased with the TOTAL weight! Speer + tarp + SPE + Exped
      DAM + blue cc for the wings + 5F sleeping bag = 7.75 pounds. I am
      getting a quilt and eliminating the slpg. bag which should get that
      down by as much as 2 pounds!

      Thanks, Dave....!!!!!!!!

      Happy Trails,



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