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Re: [Hammock Camping] Digest Number 1054

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  • Rosaleen Sullivan
    Fuzzy- Thanks for the Heads up! It seems I will be needing the foam earplugs this weekend! (VBG!) Should I bring extras for other people? I just
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7 4:46 PM

      Thanks for the "Heads up!" It seems I will be needing the foam earplugs this weekend! (VBG!) Should I bring extras for other people?

      I just constructed a space blanket-covered chunk of foam, a couple of inches bigger all the way around than the stock HH Undercover pad. I look forward to trying this out at Delaware Water Gap. I imagine we will all be doing a lot of ooh-ing and ahh-ing with our collective cool toys!


      From: "Fuzzy" <ckime@...<mailto:ckime@...>>
      Subject: Keeping Warm in my HH

      Last weekend (10/28-10/30) we took a Troop trip to Blue Rocks
      Campground, just south of the AT in Hamburg, PA. We had some brief
      snow at about 1pm during our hike on Saturday, so temps were
      definitely down near freezing during the colder parts of the day. I
      started out using a reflectix/ccf combination in my HH Expedition
      Asym Friday nite, but had some difficulty getting it to stay under me
      while getting into my short-zippered bag (GoLite Feather - 20°F,
      800fp Down). I gave up on the experimental setup, packing it away,
      and retrieved my Big Agnes Insulated Air Core 72" Mummy pad. I blew
      it up about half way, then got back in the rack.

      The Air Core is 20" wide. I am wider than that, so my shoulders and
      upper arms contacted the bed fabric when I lay on my back. As I
      mentioned a week or so ago: I tend to snore when I side-sleep, I tend
      to snore badly when I belly-sleep, and I frighten children and small-
      to-medium animals when I sleep on my back. Once I turned on my side,
      and was suddenly narrower than the pad, I pretty much went right off
      to la-la land. The first night I started out wearing thick ankle
      socks, silk long john bottoms, a polyester long-sleeve t-shirt, and a
      cap. I quickly removed the cap and shirt. I would probably have
      taken off the socks, and maybe even the long johns, if I had felt
      like taking the trouble to get back out of the bag, but I was not so
      warm as to be unable to sleep. The second night, I started out with
      just the long johns, and was perfectly comfortable. I will be out
      again this coming weekend for 2 more nights, so I may have additional
      opportunities to tweak my system before it starts getting colder.


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