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RE: Hammock Camping Dennis Hill? Hammocks in 1987

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  • Ed Speer
    How to avoid moose with a hammock? I guess I need some help with that one. Don t have much experience with moose--I do recall one early dawn in Canada when I
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      How to avoid moose with a hammock?  I guess I need some help with that one.  Don't have much experience with moose--I do recall one early dawn in Canada when I ran into a mose when getting out of my tent; his snotty nose nearly hit my head!  It was quite a shock at that hour and me on my hands and knees!
      I can share a common encounter with deer and hammocks--seems they are curious when they find a stealth camping hammock in their bedroom!  Returning to their bedding area in the final hours of darkness, they will come quite close, then begin snorting and pawning the ground before running away.  That snorting at 4am can be a bit disturbing, to say the least!!!
      I was asked last week if deer ever run into my hammock during the night--nope, at least not yet....Ed
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      I have read some of Shane's and Ed's exploits with a hammock over
      many years...  but I am always on the look out for mentions in older
      trail journals for news about hammock camping.

      Jan Curran, in his "Onward to Katahdin" p 250 mentions a note by
      Dennis Hill (Hiker-holic) in the Jo Mary Lake register (Maine) from
      his 1987 hike.  Dennis noted:  "Last night about midnight a moose
      decided to help me take down camp.  He got real close to my hammock
      and tarp so I made noise.  He proceeded to run away. There was only
      one problem -- he wrapped his feet into my guy lines on my tarp and
      proceeded to take it south.  I recovered the tarp but lost some
      stakes and in the meantime I got my hammock, bag and pack wet.  Well,
      you know the old saying:  Shit Happens.  Onward through the mud."

      So Ed,  next month, how about a sentence or two on avoiding moose
      camping in hammocks?  Probably the same advice as avoiding goats and
      sheep camping in hammocks I'd guess.  It would round out your advice
      about avoiding bears camping in hammocks.  Really.

      First, check to make sure one does not hang a hammock across a path. 
      Second, check that hammock to make sure who is in it before getting


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