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Re: [Hammock Camping] Digest Number 1039

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  • Rosaleen Sullivan
    Rich- The Asym models allow for just enough more room that you should be quite comfortable in a Hennessy Asym. How much gear you need room for in your hammock
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2005

      The Asym models allow for just enough more room that you should be quite comfortable in a Hennessy Asym. How much gear you need room for in your hammock is pretty much up to the individual. As I learn to pare down, I find that I don't have much bulk to my gear after setting up my "bed" and hanging food, cooking, and any other possible critter attracting gear. I have been using a Gossamer Gear Mariposa, so my sleeping pad is also my pack's backpad. Once I pull the pad out, the stays can easily slip into my hammock's Snakeskins, and I put my nearly empty pack under my legs for the night. (I like to remove the stays to prevent them poking a hole through my hammock.) I'm figuring the pack is helping with insulation and keeping my knees slightly bent.

      I don't know how your pack would be under your BA mattress. I have heard some folks really like the BA mattress in their hammock. It helps keep their BA sleeping bags in place and gives some insulation. If I had that set up, I'd try it before shelling out more $$. You might need some more insulation as the sides of the hammock wrap up around your sides, if your bag is being compressed. Extra clothing, etc., might be enough. Experiment close to home.

      Of course, I have no idea where you live, but there are enough of us scattered around the country that you might be able to find other hammock users nearby who will advise/help you. If you are in New England or will be around the Delaware Gap area Veterans' Day weekend, a group of us will be at Dingman's Campground. Check messages from the last couple of days, or ping me, off list, if you want to join us. You may see all sorts of set ups that weekend.


      From: "montclair2525" <richard@...<mailto:richard@...>>
      Subject: Which HH? Which insulation?

      Hi everyone,

      I'm new here, investigating the possibility of going hammock. I got
      the bug after a thread on the Backpacking Light list about bad back
      sleeping techniques. I had spinal surgery about 20 years ago and the
      ground just keeps getting harder and harder. I'm also in the process
      of paring down the weight of my gear. I just picked up an ULA P-1
      pack and need to relegate the Dana Design Mojo tent to car camping only.

      I'm 6'-0", 190#, which, heightwise, is right on the line between a HH
      backpacker and HH Explorer. I'd like to save the 8oz extra weight
      with the backpacker, but I don't want to feel cramped. The other
      thing is that I'm used to sleeping solo in a 2 person tent with all my
      gear, so having a larger hammock may help make that transition
      smoother by giving more room for gear at the foot and head.

      Any experience out there with this issue?

      Another thing, insulation. I currently own a Big Agnes Insulated air
      core long mummy mattress for my Big Agnes Horse Thief bag. How will
      this mattress work in a hammock for cold weather? (I'm a warm
      sleeper.) Which ever pad I end up using has to work with the P-1. Am
      I better off with a closed cell foam pad? Z-lite, blue foam,
      Ridge-Rest, GG NightLite, etc?

      Thanks in advance.


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