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Re: [Hammock Camping] Baden Powel - hammocker

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  • Ralph Oborn
    Note the ridge pole!! Ralph
    Message 1 of 61 , Oct 2, 2005
      Note the ridge pole!!


      On 10/2/05, Rick <ra1@...> wrote:
      > Shane Steinkamp wrote:
      > >
      > > > It looks like it is a spreader hammock, perhaps even a modified cot?
      > >
      > > It's called an Ashanti. Had you read my wonderful and thoroughly complete
      > > page on the subject, you would know this. ;)
      > I probably have read it, since I remember a number of illustrations
      > about early hammocks. However, the Ashanti does not occupy one of my
      > accessible neuronal memory locations.
      > >
      > >
      > http://www.theplacewithnoname.com/hiking/sections/gear/shelter/whyhammock.ht
      > > m
      > >
      > > The founder of the Boy Scouts, Sir Robert Baden-Powell, slept in hammocks
      > > when out of doors and recommended them highly. He even had one permanently
      > > set up outside his home, where he slept often. This was actually the
      > > Ashanti Hammock, which was less like a Mayan Hammock and more like a
      > > suspended cot. In Young Knights of the Empire, page 184, he wrote,
      > > "Another
      > > form of tent which I used in Mafeking and South Africa, and still use for
      > > sleeping out in, in England, is one which you would hardly call a
      > > tent. It
      > > is really a slung cot, with a moveable canvas roof to it. It is
      > > called the
      > > 'Ashanti Hammock'. It packs up quite small, and is put up in a few
      > > minutes.
      > > Requires no pegs. Keeps you off the wet ground. And when the gale comes
      > > and all the tents in camp blow down, you lie there swinging gently in the
      > > breeze, the envy of all the rest. It also forms an excellent stretcher if
      > > you are ill and have to be carried; and if you die it also makes a very
      > > satisfactory coffin, being laced over you as you lie in it. Very
      > > complete,
      > > isn't it?"
      > >
      > > Can you give any more information about the painting so I can attribute it
      > > properly when I add it to the page?
      > It is a watercolor he painted in 1911. I found the image here:
      > http://www.pinetreeweb.com/bp-paintings.htm
      > It is the second or third image on the page.
      > Rick
    • dlfrost_1
      ... Or just flat-out tell baldface lies. Yep. It s happened lots of times before. And you, Bill, Rick and the rest are right there s not enough scientific
      Message 61 of 61 , Oct 13, 2005
        --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Dylan Anderson <hum469@y...>
        > My point
        > though was that the minorities (absinthe, hammocks,
        > off roaders) are always the first one banned when the
        > would-be prohibitors are aware of their presence, and
        > it is only a matter of time with the rate of growth of
        > hammock camping before the camping prohibitionists
        > start talking about how damaging we all are. And when
        > they attack something, junk science is always used.

        Or just flat-out tell baldface lies. Yep. It's happened lots of
        times before. And you, Bill, Rick and the rest are right there's not
        enough scientific data and we need studies. So they'll want to study
        it. I'm guessing they'll ban hammocks while they do that.
        Prohibition is the default option in government decisionmaking, after
        all. And government studies (likes the ones done for the Park
        Service) can take years.

        I'm hoping that if we approach these people with something workable
        we can avoid the prohibition part in the interim.

        Doug Frost
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