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Re: [Hammock Camping] Length of hammock?

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  • bjedge540
    Rick, Thanks for the help. I guess I freaked out last night. I hadn t thought it all through. I had read that you bought 3.33 yards (I think) so I bought 3.5 (
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 22, 2005

      Thanks for the help. I guess I freaked out last night. I hadn't
      thought it all through. I had read that you bought 3.33 yards (I
      think) so I bought 3.5 ( I am just a tad taller) and then I ended up
      trying the whip on both ends. I hadn't realized how long it had
      gotten until last night. I had already sewn a bugnet for it and it
      was quite a chore making a nice seam on that noseeum. I want to keep
      weight down as much as possible. An extra ounce in 16 different
      places makes an extra pound! I looked over some websites last night
      and realized 8.5 - 9' seems about right for my height. Now I just
      have to figure out how to shorten the bug net. I made a nice one and
      cutting into that seam seems just a little overwhelming right now. I
      am the type that likes things done right. I liked the idea of the
      Testhammock but using it without a bug net didn't appeal to me. The
      mosquitos are still thick here. When I get my ripstop hammock made,
      I can just loosen the strap and slip the new one into my setup.

      Question for those still reading.....Should the bugnet be the same
      length as the hammock? I know the hammock will sag more than the net
      on a rope. Right now mine is 1.5 feet longer and makes sliding the
      hammock tubes over kinda hard. My final product will be similar to
      the Zhammock of Risk's


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Rick <ra1@i...> wrote:
      > Ten or ten and a half feet is about right if you are going to tie
      > overhand knot. If you whip the ends, it can be up to a foot or a
      > and a half shorter. Like others have said, it is easy enough to
      > it as an experiment. The bug net needs to be as long as the
      > between the attachment points for the straps for any hammock.
      > Remember that the test hammock is really only designed for a few
      > use. It is a cheap way to find out if someone can sleep in a
      > without having to buy one that will last a season. I actually
      > conceived of anyone using a bug net with it. If I were to continue
      > use a hammock I would get good quality material (like 1.9 oz
      > and hem the long edges.
      > Risk
      > bjedge540 wrote:
      > > I am making a Risk Test Hammock. I bought too much material I
      > > My hammock is now 10.5 feet long. I am 6'3" and I don't know how
      > > I need on both ends to be comfortable. Is more better?
      > >
      > > I want comfort but still keep weight down. I have made a bug net
      > > is roughly 10 feet long as well. Will that be too long?
      > >
      > > I have homemade hammock tubes that I made tonight to keep the net
      > > tight on the ends. Does the net need to be the same length or
      > >
      > > Thanks for the help, Barry
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