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Standing Indian trip report

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  • Coy
    first, thanks to Dave for the maps and then making the trip. he and I had a great hike. and thanks for the warnings about the Kimsey trail being tricky in
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      first, thanks to Dave for the maps and then making the trip. he and I
      had a great hike. and thanks for the warnings about the Kimsey trail
      being tricky in places. unfortunatly this proved all to true. as you
      will see in the trip report, Dave and i missed the trail. It was one
      of those places where if you are not looking for 2 steps, you miss it.

      Here is what happened best I can piece together.

      We all started out hiking from the Standing Indian information
      center. The boys raced ahead. we holled woa. I joked, if we get
      seperated meet at the car on Tuesday. We said, wait for us at Deep
      Gap. Well the boys got off the trail to explore a creek. We
      unknowingly passed them. They came on up behind us and caught a
      glimps of us way ahead. but Dave and I missed a trail turn off. we
      hiked about a mile before we figgured it out. They unknowingly
      passed us back. They waited 20 minutes for us at Deep Gap but
      because they saw somebody at the deep gap parking lot who had been
      there awhile if they saw 2 old men. They said no so they figgured
      they must have somehow passed us. They figgured we went on up to
      Standing Indian so took off after us. At Standing Indian they Asked
      a hiker who had just pulled in if he saw 2 old men. No, so they
      figgured we did not stop at the shelter but went on trying to catch
      them. In other words they were trying to catch us while we were
      trying to catch them. They could not figgure out how they could not
      catch us. They also did not get water and saw the next water was at
      Carters Gap (for some reason the guy at the shelter did not tell
      them where the water was which is another tiny piec of the mixup).
      Now Carters Gap is 7.4 miles past Standing Indian. We shook our
      heads and said, well maybe they will wait for us tomorrow. But the
      boys still think we are ahead of them. So the next morning I go get
      water. I came back and Dave says good news bad news. cell
      coverage/your wife called. her message, boys called, they are at
      standing indian (which they wernt) but headed on up the trail for
      water and try to catch us. I call the school and leave a message
      for Rhonda, that the boys are way ahead of us and we cant catch them
      unless they let us and we may not see them till the car. we
      misunder stood that the boys thought we were ahead. We left a
      message on Codys cell that he better wait at Bettys Gap that night.
      We hustled knowing they hiked late and hoped they would get our
      message. They figgured out it was impossible for us to be ahead of
      them. They wait till 1 PM. we made it at 1:30. We were not as fast
      as they expected. They figgured Daves knee must have started hurting
      and we bailed out and headed back to the car. We are dead tard by
      Carters Gap Shelter so we take a break. We know we will not catch
      them. we have no idea they just left. they should have left a
      message. we hike on down to Bettys gap, it looks skeerty so we get
      eenough water for the night and hike on anothe half mile up the next
      ridge and set up camp. after supper we hang our bear bag and settle
      down just befor dark. Dave check his cell. new message from
      Rhonda. Cody turned his ankle, Daniel is sick and they are on top
      of Alberts and leaves us Daniels cell #. we now know cody dont have
      his phone. I knw he said it was low battery but figgured he had it
      and would check it at peaks. We called Rhonda to get more info.
      she said she told the boys to WAIT on us at alberts mountain in the
      morning. Reasured it was not life and death we decidede to spend
      the night where we were. Truth is I was dead tared and Dave said
      his knee did not need the rough climp up albert in the dark. we
      slept till abut one hour befor daylight. checked our cell phone.
      message from daniels phone. ran out of water on albert mt. headed
      for water. we both had the same copy of the trail guide which said
      there was water at the shelter just below Alberts. They did not
      read there guide and didnt see the water. so on down the trail they
      went. all the way to a place where cody and I had hiked before.
      this close to the road they would not stop so they hiked. Cody in
      his infinate wisdome decide hiking to Rock Gap would be easier than
      the unknown Long Branch Trail. They arrive on the road at 11 PM
      monday night and found a grassy spot on the side of the road to
      spend the night (on the ground no less). They hiked on to the car
      early this morning and naped several hours untill we arrived at
      11:30 AM We hiked the 7.5 miles back to the car in 5.5 hours. that
      sound slow unless youve climbed Albert Mtn. anyways we thought they
      stayed at Big Spring Shelter and by hiking fast we would catch
      them. I hiked from our kamp to the top of Alberts mtn in one hour
      and 20 minutes. Dave made it in 55. When we did not see them we
      continuse on down wondering if they were OK and a little miffed thet
      they still hadent waited on us. We got down to the cars at 11:45 NC
      time and saw the boys. the boys were not sick or injured or seemed to
      make a great recovery. cody told his mom (my wife) at home. we were
      sure they were ahead of us. only we couldnt figgure out how. we knew
      the only way they could get over some of those mountains that fast was
      if God picked um up and carried them over.

      Coy Boy
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