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9998Speer Hammocks in Backpacker magazine

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  • Jim Greenway
    Aug 7, 2005
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      Don't know if this is old news here or not (didn't see any references to it
      in Messages). Backpacker magazine has a photo of a Speer in use on page 32
      of the September '05 issue. It's in an article on the Atchafalaya. The only
      text reference is in regard to the writer's use of hammocks in case
      "sleeping on solid ground" wasn't available in a swamp. He mentioned that he
      and his kayaking partner were concerned that they'd appear to be "mammoth
      burritos" to the gators. Anyway, it certainly looks like a Speer, all the
      way down to the tell-tale pink tarp support line. Speer rules!

      Jim Greenway

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