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9996Re: hammock adjustments

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  • Matthew Takeda
    Aug 7, 2005
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      Leon Moonen wrote:
      >Alternatively, I've thought of attaching short (~20 cm) loops to the
      >hammock that are tied with a prusik knot to a double line rigged
      >through the tree huggers. I haven't experimented with this yet but
      >used prusik knot's while climbing an they can be easily adjusted and
      >will hold serious weights (they 'bite' the rope when loaded).
      >Is there anyone with experience using prusik's for hanging/adjusting a

      I've gone to a single ridge line from tree hugger to tree hugger with
      the hammock suspended below it using prussiks and 'biners. Works
      well, adjusts easily.

      Matthew Takeda
      the JOAT
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