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9990Re: Loop hike info?

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  • Coy
    Aug 6, 2005
      Thanks for all this info Bill, Michael and Marta. From these three
      replies i flle confidant we can find our way. I like the idea of
      making it a 24 miler and no road walking. Do I have it right.
      Park at the backcountry information sign just past the Standing
      Indian Campground interance. From here hike through the Standing
      Indian Campground and hit the Kimsey Creek trail. Follow this trail
      aproximatly 4 miles and hang a left on the AT at Deep Gap (this is a
      shelter as well?) Hike aproximatly 18 miles north on the AT (not
      literally north)untilll it crosses Long Branch Trail. Take the left
      and it is about a 2 mile hike back to the car.

      Question. I believe it does but does this section include (from
      Rick site) "A 750 foot climb up Standing Indian was a pleasant
      morning stroll. The trails were very well made and the climb not
      particularly difficult. We were told that the view from the top of
      the mountain is the best in all of SW North Carolina. We enjoyed
      it. Perhaps we could have enjoyed it more." and Mt Albert?

      Again thanks for all the replies. It was very helpful.

      Coy Boy

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Michael B. Carter"
      <carterm@m...> wrote:
      > The loop hike that I usually do in Standing Indian is to park at
      > backcountry information sign (free parking here) across from Long
      > Trail. To get there, take follow the sings like you are going to
      > Indian Campground, but don't take the right turn into the
      > itself. Drive on shortly past the right turn into Standing
      > Campground , and you will see the backcountry information sign on
      > right. You can then hike through the campground area to Kimsey
      > trail. Follow it about 4 miles to Deep Gap, where you will take
      the AT to
      > the left. This is southerly in direction but heading north an the
      AT. To
      > exit out, take the Long Branch Trail about 2 miles directly back
      to the
      > car. Almost no road hiking this way. The total loop is a little
      over 24
      > miles. You can continue on to Rock Gap, and hike back by the road
      if you
      > prefer more distance.
      > Michael
      > At 02:18 PM 8/6/05 +0000, you wrote:
      > >John if you happen to be reading this or anybed else who may
      > >
      > >Rick would be the guy to ask but he is out hicking and may not
      > >return in time to ask. I found a little info here but not enough
      > >head out and know exactly which trials are which to make it a loop
      > >hike.
      > >
      > >
      > >I will be in one vehicle so we will park at either Standing Indian
      > >campground or Rock Gap parking lot and road walk the mile or so
      > >between where the trials start/end. best I can tell it is a
      > >aproximatly 30 miles. They started at Standing Indian and hiked
      > >couterclockwise to come out at Rock Gap. Anybody hiked in this
      > >and know the trail names etc I would need to know. We leave a
      > >from tomorrow after church so we wont have a lot of time to hike
      > >Sunday evening. I need to return home Tuesday night so I can be
      > >work the following Wed morning. this hike looks like it will
      > >fit into my time window with no time to waste piddling (about a 4
      > >hour drive) either on the road or while hiking.
      > >
      > >Coy Boy
      > >
      > >
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