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9989Loop hike info?

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  • Marta Clark
    Aug 6, 2005
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      I did much of that loop in Feb. as a weekend hike. I
      parked in the public parking area just beyond the
      entrance to Standing Indian Campground. We went up
      the Long Branch Trail to Glassmine Gap, then went
      clockwise until it intersected the Kimsey Creek Trail.
      (I was attempting to repeat that circuit when I got
      rained out by that tropical storm a few weeks ago.)

      The schedule I worked by in Feb. was driving to the
      Nantahala Friday evening and camping at Rock Gap
      Shelter. Moving the car to the parking near Standing
      Indian Sat. morning, hiking up the Long Branch Trail
      and on the AT to Carter Gap Shelter Saturday. Sunday
      we hiked from Carter Gap to Standing Indian Shelter by
      lunchtime, then started down the Kimsey Creek Trail.
      At that point it was not at all well marked and we
      spent about four hours trying to find our way back to
      the car. (It looked like about a two-mile hike on the
      map, but the Kimsey Creek Trail had been rerouted and
      much distance added.) The campground was closed for
      the season and there was no one around to ask for
      directions. It was about 4 when we finally got to the

      It sounds as if you're planning to make a slightly
      longer loop by starting at Rock Gap instead of
      Glassmine Gap. It's definitely do-able if you can get
      in even a couple of miles Sunday night.


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