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9951Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: new intro with a few questions

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  • RedsTanMenagerie@aol.com
    Aug 4 1:53 PM
      Oh thank you for your generosity! I have bene away from the computer so
      unable to reply till now. I will get started on thew tarp ASAP and i am SOOO
      excited to get some miles on that puppy hahaha. What is "the little aluminum
      tube"? I'll get pictures as soon as possable, how exciting!

      Melissa and Tao

      Okay, Melissa.....you'd better start working on that tarp (and I appreciate
      your offer to make me one, but I should be fine with the Hex Fly)

      The orders have been placed (courtesy of my recently received (okay, so I am
      a BIG procrastinator!) IRS refund check.

      Byer Moskito Traveller Hammock from c&c outdoors

      Byer Travelrope/Microrope (I think they made a mistake in the campmor
      catalog as the card it came with calls it the Micro Rope) from Campmor. You are
      getting the one with the little aluminum tube (shipping tomorrow 5-7 days) c&c
      had the Travelrope that has the carbiners

      This should jump start the adventure. Keep us posted.

      sandy in miami

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