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9942Re: [Hammock Camping] new intro with a few questions

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  • Bruce W. Calkins
    Aug 3, 2005
      > In my opinion a goat makes a better pack option then any other species.
      Quite possible, for moderate loads and rough trails. The rougher the
      trail, the lighter the pack needs to be. Also the heaver the pack the
      less the goat enjoys the hike. And when a goat digs in it's heels, you
      aren't going anywhere.

      > Dessert goats can go days without watter if nessesary so they can easally
      > go all day drinking from the only avalable creek once that day.
      Dessert goats, perhaps. Normal breeds WILL need water more often.
      Especially while working. You will need to keep them away from the
      water source too, they are as sloppy in their toilet as any other pack

      > As far as feed they get all they nead with the ocational bite wile packing.
      > They nead total (for my area) about 2 15 minite
      > grazing periods easally done after camp is made.
      A working pack goat WILL need some grain/prepared feed. Browsing will
      not provide enough for the HIGH energy output of packing.

      > They are like deer, they have feet like deer so they don't erode the trails.
      Apparently you have not seen a busy game trail.

      > They don't trample vegitation like other pack animals.
      Less perhaps, still they have feet.

      > Basically a goat is a great "leave no trace" pack alternitive.
      I've tracked goats when they got out of the paddock. They do leave traces.

      > Well trained pck goats never nead to be tied they won't stray from camp
      And might attract bears and/or large cats.

      > Pack goats rock ;)
      True, as long as you stay within their limitations.

      IMHO; Taking any animal increases my work load. While I might be able
      to reduce a 20 pound weekend pack load a bit, I'm constantly picking up
      after, checking pack condition, fetching water, taking extra breaks and
      so on. And that's just with 1 dog. A pack animal would be more work
      for me than hiking without.

      Bruce W.

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