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993Re: Hammock Camping Re: Introduction

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  • Sean Keplinger
    Apr 5, 2003
      On Fri, 4 Apr 2003, Rick wrote:

      > I have been thinking about a trip to Shawnee as well. I live just
      > outside Dayton. Where are you?

      I'm located just outside of the 275 loop in Milford.

      Shawnee is nice because there are 7 campsites around the loop -- can't
      remember the total mileage but you can reach the 1st or 7th campsite from
      the parking area in 6 and 4 miles respectively.

      Check the "adventures" section of my website -- I have plenty of pictures
      of the hike to camp 7.

      \___/ Sean Keplinger
      |o,o| skeplin at one dot net
      \/ ) http://spookyworld.dnsalias.com
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