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  • Ralph Oborn
    Aug 2, 2005
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      A while ago Ed challenged me about peotry. I think I've come up with a
      new genre, hammock poetry.

      So here it is, Ed suggested: "why not post it on the List and
      challenge others to respond in kind? --could be interesting"....

      I'm still working on some of the phrasing, it sounds a little like
      Yoda in parts.

      So if you can come up with with prose about hammocks, lets hear it.

      (if you can clean up some of my phrasing or meter problems, I'd like
      to hear that too)

      Ralph Oborn


      Ground people sleep in tarp and tent
      Wondering where all their sleep went.
      Fighting the rock, the root, the cone.
      Where is my sleep? Here all alone.
      Vis'ted by ants, snakes, skunks and slugs
      Down in the mud with all the bugs.

      By all accounts, we came from dust,
      It doesn't mean, sleep there we must.
      Tree people hang by strap and rope
      Over the ground, above the slope
      While in our dreams, we could then fly
      Hanging there 'neath earth and sky

      Ralph Oborn
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